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Benchmark Six Sigma - War Room

Six Sigma enthusiasts work with Y = F(X), where Y is the output variable being improved and X’s are the input variables to be identified and worked upon; F denotes the process that transforms X’s into Y.  In most cases, to ensure sustained improvements at the end of an improvement project, there is a need to continue looking at Y’s and X’s.

Process Control Dilemma

Lean Six Sigma Consultant at Benchmark Six Sigma
Parag is a Lean Six Sigma Consultant and Trainer at Benchmark Sig Sigma. He has a blend of experience in the application of six sigma tools to Manufacturing, Research & development, Quality control and Technical services. He loves to use real life stories for explaining various techniques and concepts in his trainings. He has special interest in Design of Experiments, Problem Solving, Process improvement, Data analysis tools and Capability building. In addition to his expertise on statistical methodology, Parag has done extensive work in the application of the same in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare area.

Benchmark Six Sigma conducts workshops related to problem solving and decision making all across India and partners with a limited number of companies each year on "build your transformation team" projects. Public Workshops calendar can be seen here -

Linkedin Group - To ask your own questions or to participate in interesting questions already posed, you may join our Linkedin Group - Lean Six Sigma War Room.
Parag Mehta