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Benchmark Six Sigma is Accredited training Provider of Exemplar Global (previously RABQSA), a member of ASQ family. Exemplar Global provides global recognition for our Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt programs.

Advanced Product Quality Planning Workshop

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4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 163 reviews)
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What is Advanced Product Quality Planning?

Advanced Product Quality Planning is a framework of methods and procedures used to design and develop new products and continual improvement. It considers the end-to-end value chain of product development and helps mitigate possibilities of failure during the entire life cycle. The framework is similar to Design For Six Sigma. Participants will learn about the entire APQP phased process (5 Phases).


Background – Quality is a prerequisite in what we do. Many professionals talk about quality but lack a deep understanding. This course works as an eye-opener to definition, concepts and approaches to Quality. We have conducted this course for Boeing, USA in the past.


To educate participants with the most advanced framework for Product Design and Development using DFSS approaches.

Why Benchmark Six Sigma is suited to deliver this program?

Benchmark Six Sigma is number 1 for courses on Quality in many ways.

  • In 2001, Benchmark initiated the first Quality certification program in India. Today, 22 programs are offered by us. These programs has been evolving and are reviewed every year
  • We train the largest number of business excellence professionals in Public and Corporate programs every year
  • The large network of trained business excellence professionals has now crossed 40000. You can find a Benchmark Six Sigma certified professional in every large company operating in India
  • We moderate the largest Lean Six Sigma learning community (among the top three in the world)

Who Can Benefit

  • Professionals involved in Product life cycle management
  • Professionals in New Product Development or R&D
  • Product Managers
  • Those who wish to learn Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)
  • Procurement professionals
  • Vendor Managers
  • Anyone who wants to build competence that is domain independent.

Salient Features

  • Facilitated by Multi-Industry Expert
  • 24 Hrs of Instructor-Led Classroom Training
  • 24 PDUs for PMI credential
  • Globally Recognized Benchmark Six Sigma Certificate
  • Membership of largest Business Improvement Community

Training Package 

  • Course Material Kit for Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • Data, Templates and Design case study for Analysis
  • 3 Days of Instructor-Led Classroom Training
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning Examination
  • Certificate with lifetime validity

Content Outline

The outline of this 3-day workshop on APQP is mentioned below.

  1. History
  2. Purpose & Benefits
  3. Main Pillars of APQP
          o Organizational commitment & Management support
          o Cross-functional team
          o Effective project planning
  4. Principles
  5. 5 Phases of APQP
  6. APQP Elements
  7. Element Deliverables
  8. Managing the APQP Process
  9. Reporting
          o Assessments/ratings
          o Reporting
          o Escalation

The contents of this program can be customized based on a shadow session or pre-study done within the company.

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Advanced Product Quality Planning Workshop with unmatched advantages

What everyone offers


Some / Industry Acceptance

Some Project Practice

Some Training Experience

Benchmark offers More

We started our programs in 2001 and most accreditations started later. We provide Exemplar Global accredited globally valid certificate.

We guide participants through cases from different industry sectors which come from real experience in those organizations.

What no one else offers

The facilitator of our APQP program is an International Expert on Business Excellence.

Training methodology that has matured with modifications since 2007

Excellent rating by our participants.

Training is the beginning. We engage members with 2 questions every week to facilitate ongoing learning.

Case study based approach.

The facilitator has significant training experience in manufacturing as well as services.

Use of multi-sensory approaches is our forte.

Knowledge of integrating DFSS techniques in decision making and continuous improvement

Our Forum is one of the top three in the world and has 53000+ members.

The facilitator has conducted hundreds of Lean Six Sigma programs.

The training is rated as excellent by thousands of participants.

You can expect the most engaging training experience ever.

Free scenarios for all our participants.

Hands-on expertise in applying DFSS techniques


Most frequent questions and answers

Q1: What is APQP?

Advanced Product Quality Planning is a framework of methods and procedures used to design and develop new products, necessary to ensure that a product satisfies the customer.

Q2: Is APQP only useful for automotive industry?

No. Auto manufacturers order large quantities of specific components and the quality of these components affects the overall quality of the end-product. It is important to them that suppliers apply APQP regardless of what they manufacture (metal, plastic, glass, electronics, textile, leather, etc). Although first developed by the automotive industry in the late 1980s, APQP is implemented today far and wide in other industries as well.

Q3: Why use Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)?

Complex products and supply chains present plenty of opportunities for failure, especially during new product launch. APQP is a structured process aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction with new products and processes.

Q4: How does APQP ensure customer satisfaction with new products and processes?

New product development processes involve use of customer inputs based on the previous experience of similar kind of products and processes. The voice of customer includes customer requirements, quality requirements, timing, cost, etc. APQP ensures that this Voice of the Customer (VOC) is clearly understood and translated into technical specifications. This ensures customer product expectations are met in every way.

Q5: What are the 5 phases of APQP?

1. Product Planning and Quality Program Definition
2. Product Design and Development
3. Process Design and Development
4. Product and Process Validation
5. Production Launch, Feedback Assessment and Corrective Action

Q6: How is APQP related to Product Part Approval Process (PPAP)?

PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) is one of the components of APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning). Poor performance in a PPAP (results don’t meet customer expectations) can be attributed to poor APQP. PPAP is in the 4th phase APQP.

Q7: What are the expected benefits of APQP?

1. Quality product provided on time at the lowest cost.
2. Avoiding post-release or late changes.
3. Directing resources to the vital few items.
4. Early identification of changes required (Intentional, Incidental)

Q8: Can APQP aid manufacturing processes?

Yes, via improved Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFM/A) concept. The primary goal of Design for Manufacturing/ Assembly is to design products and processes to be as efficient as possible. This ensures shorter assembly time, lower assembly cost, elimination of process waste and increased product reliability during manufacturing.

Participants' Feedback

Excellent Training

Rated 5 out of 5
January 22, 2023

Great trainer with great knowledge.

Vikas Choudhary

This session is wonderful to learn how various financial parameters are focused on to achieve the desired business need.

Rated 5 out of 5
January 22, 2023

Kirpa Shanker Tiwari, Senior Research Manager, Sun Pharmaceutical

"Welcome to throughput world"

Rated 5 out of 5
January 22, 2023

It was a really great and informative session, best takeaway is, how to have an alignment between Management preferred financial measures and direct co-relatable operational measures. So we speak the common language Management speaks. Work on improving Throughput instead of reducing expenses.

Adil Khan, Manager - Quality, Dynamatic Oldland Aerospace

A great knowledge value add

Rated 5 out of 5
January 22, 2023

Many business excellence projects fail to create importance and visibility in the board room due to a lack of alignment with the business needs and expectations. The BVA training focuses on how to remove that misalignment.

It was a great learning experience.

Amit Simon

It's one of the best training I have ever attended so far.

Rated 5 out of 5
January 22, 2023

Learning about BVA will help us to achieve value addition to the organization

Dheeraj Bhardwaj, Delivery Excellence Manager, TCS

Good amount of knowledge gained

Rated 5 out of 5
October 30, 2022

Subham De Sarkar, Leader-QHSE, ADOR POWERTRON LTD

Business Value Analyst

Rated 5 out of 5
October 30, 2022

The BVA calculator was amazing and with a little span of time will be able to assess the profit, ROI, and FCF. It was well designed with all the elements for easy understanding viz., Primary Goals, Prioritizing Efforts, TOC, Bottleneck Vs Constraints, and Five focusing steps for Manufacturing and Services. I am always mesmerized by the content delivered, session was so simplified and easy to grasp and adopt. The group exercises made things much easier and to me familiar with the tools. Thanks to VK Sir

Venkatramana Meindhikaar, General Manager - Quality, Borosil Renewables

Extremely important topic and session for any Black Belt Professional

Rated 5 out of 5
October 30, 2022

Very good session and hands-on experience in understanding both the manufacturing and service financial impact of any black belt project

Karan garg, Senior Engineering Manager, Johnson Controls

Interactive Session with Exercises

Rated 5 out of 5
October 30, 2022

Very well moderated sessions, highly detailed & industry-oriented course with a great explanation of Concepts and many learnings to take away, Handy BVA calculator.

Dimple Tiwari, Business Excellence Manager, T.EN Global Business

Excellent Training

Rated 5 out of 5
October 28, 2022

The BVA calculator is an excellent tool to prioritize Business Excellence projects and align top management interests. I feel it is a must-do program for operation excellence people.

Himanshu Sharma, R&D Manager - Six Sigma, IFB Industries