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Benchmark Six Sigma is Accredited training Provider of Exemplar Global (previously RABQSA), a member of ASQ family. Exemplar Global provides global recognition for our Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt programs.

Strategic RPA Practitioner for Business Excellence

Rated 4.8 out of 5
4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 19 reviews)
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Strategic RPA Practitioner provides exciting opportunities for many businesses today.


To engage continuous improvement leaders and practitioners in evaluating opportunities offered by RPA world and in engaging RPA Practitioners better.


8 hours in Public Training and 16 hours for customized Corporate Training

Why Benchmark Six Sigma is suited to deliver this program?

  • In 2007, Benchmark initiated the first Master Black Belt program in India. The program has been evolving and is reviewed and revised every year. Strategic RPA Practitioner has been a core competency in this program.
  • We have trained a good number of RPA Practitioners in India (80+ every year).
  • The large network of Master Black Belt certified professionals has now crossed 250
  • We are about to deliver our 19th and 20th Strategic RPA Practitioner Sessions in 2019.
  • We moderate the largest Business Excellence learning community (among top three forums in the world).
  • Here are 15 key elements that differentiate us from others.

Who Can Benefit

  • Corporate leaders who have not completed their Black Belt. Such leaders can go through Strategic RPA module and get certified for it.
  • Professionals who have completed their Black Belt training and want to enhance their competence with Strategic RPA basics.
  • Process Improvement team members who wish to get equipped with RPA approaches.
  • Anyone who wants to build an improvement competence that is domain-independent.

Offered as

a. Online Instructor-led
b. Public Training – Calendar Program
c. Corporate Program – Standard or Customized, Continuous or Phase wise

Forthcoming Strategic Robotic Process Automation Practitioner Programs

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Salient features of Public Training

  • Facilitated by Multi-Industry Expert.
  • Globally Recognized Strategic RPA Practitioner Certificate accredited by Exemplar Global.
  • 8 PDUs
  • Membership of largest Business Improvement Community.
  • Progress towards MBB Certification.

Training Package for Public Training

  • Online Live Instructor-led Training
  • Course Material Kit for Strategic RPA Practitioner.
  • Examination and Certification for Strategic RPA Practitioner Certificate.
  • Globally Recognized Certificate with lifetime validity
  • Post-training online webinar for future guidance

Content Outline

  • Definition of Strategic RPA and the need for RPA
  • How does RPA work? Examples of RPA
  • Is Strategic RPA suitable for your processes.
  • Where to use RPA?
  • Managing the risk associated with RPA.

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Strategic RPA Practitioner  classroom programs with unmatched advantages

What everyone offers


Some / Industry Acceptance

Some Project Practice

Some Training Experience

Benchmark offers More

We started our programs in 2001 and most accreditations started later. We provide Exemplar Global accredited globally valid certificate.

Benchmark Six Sigma has unmatched industry acceptance. We conduct in-company programs with industry leaders. To see more details of our clients, please visit -

Understand RPA using real Industry examples.

Benchmark Six Sigma has trained 40000+ participants. Here are some photographs over the years -

What no one else offers

The facilitator of our RPA Foundation program is an International Expert on Business Excellence.

Training methodology that has matured with modifications since 2007

Periodic free webinars for all our participants.

Well integrated program with Business Excellence MBB

The facilitator has significant training experience in manufacturing as well as services.

Use of multi-sensory approaches is our forte.

We explain the linkages of RPA with Lean Six Sigma.

Our Forum is one of the top three in the world and has 53000+ members.

The facilitator has conducted hundreds of Lean Six Sigma programs.

The training is rated as excellent by thousands of participants.

You can expect the most engaging training experience ever.

Training is the beginning. We engage members with 2 questions every week to facilitate ongoing learning.


Most frequent questions and answers

Q1: What are the benefits of RPA?

The benefits of RPA include (and are not limited to) improved accuracy and productivity, enhanced employee and customer experience, improved compliance, strengthened operational security and cost savings.

Q2: What are the best RPA tools ?

The top 3 RPA tools in the market based on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant are Uipath, Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism.

Q3: What are RPA bots?

Though RPA stands for “ Robot Process Automation”, there is no physical robot involved. In fact RPA bots are software programs trained to mimic or emulate selected tasks (transaction steps) within an overall business or IT process, that can handle digital work. RPA bots are also referred to as “Digital Workforce”. They can interact with any system or application the way humans do. It’s as simple as showing your RPA bots what to do, then letting them do the work.

Q4: Does RPA have applications in customer service?

Yes. This can be done via chatbots which can fulfill customer service requests instantly and provide customers with self-service option by granting access to a wide range of back-end applications. By integrating RPA applications in customer service, companies can automate high volume routine tasks that are tedious and repetitive. Incase a call breaks through to a customer service representative, RPA bots can help them assemble the basic customer data before they continue with the case. This will save time lost in flipping screens to check client details while on the call. The overall outcome is higher customer satisfaction levels, better productivity from customer service teams, and lower waiting times for the customer.

Q5: Which RPA software will be used in Strategic RPA Practitioner course?

The course uses UiPath RPA Software.

Q6: Which industries are rapidly adopting RPA to change the way they do business?

Industries that show the most potential for RPA to change the way they do business are Utilities, Financial services, Insurance, Healthcare, Telecommunications, and Manufacturing.

Q7: How does RPA work?

RPA is a software tool that combines “UI (User Interface) recognition” and “Workflow”. RPA bots work at the surface and user interface level, mimicking the keystrokes and mouse clicks made by humans and completing the task in much the way workers do.

Q8: What kind of business processes are relevant to Robotic Process Automation?

The best business processes are the ones that are repetitive, highly structured, rules-based and prone to errors. Additionally they should have high volume, less exceptions, exhibit low system changes and rely on digital data.

Q9: What are the advantages of automating repetitive tasks?

Automating repetitive tasks saves time and money. Many repetitive tasks are manual, soul-crushing, drudge work that have zero creative input or value add by the person completing it. RPA bots take over these tasks and execute it better and faster, without stopping or making mistakes This allows employees to perform higher-value work.

Participants’ Feedback

New Learning experience

Rated 5 out of 5
May 11, 2021

A very good session that gave a hassle-free journey of RPA starting with basics to various tools and how to design a basic RPA.

Dr Gautam Nichenametla, Senior Resident, AIIMS Mangalagiri

Very Good Session

Rated 5 out of 5
May 10, 2021

Great session and hands-on with UI path is excellent. It gives not only basic but hands-on too. Thank you for the session VK.

Ilavarasi, Assistant Vice President, Bank Of America

Excellent orientation of RPA

Rated 5 out of 5
May 10, 2021

This is a very good program that provides an MBB professional detailed insights into nitty-gritty of Robotic Process Automation on Uipath. This is going to be a wonderful tool in my arsenal for Process and Productivity improvement. Thank you

Shrikant Angre, AVP, Ugam Solutions

Crisp & Precise

Rated 4 out of 5
May 10, 2021

Crisp and very focused course for strategic RPA leaders and a basic orientation cum foundation for RPA developers.

Sharmistha Chowdhury, Quality Assurance Manager, Linkedin

Strategic Deployment

Rated 5 out of 5
March 22, 2021

A good start for those MBB aspirants who have limited exposure to RPA. This course is a practical overview of RPA capabilities that a quality leader should know. It is designed to help an MBB make an informed decisions for RPA deployment.

Mukesh Jaitly, Sr Group Manager, WNS GH PHILIPPINES

Great learning program

Rated 5 out of 5
March 22, 2021

Gave a clear overview of what is the relevance of RPA in today’s date. What would be the role of MBB in this area.

Manjunath R, Delivery Excellence - Senior Manager, MphasiS Ltd. Site

Precise & Crisp course

Rated 4 out of 5
February 1, 2021

A focused course for strategic RPA leaders as well as basic orientation cum foundation for RPA developers. It gives a good understanding of how a basic bot is created.

Jayshree Bhatia, Chief Manager- Business Process Re-engineering, Kotak Bank

Great session on RPA

Rated 4 out of 5
February 1, 2021

Provides a beginners overview and practical examples to start the RPA journey in our current roles

Sundeep, Kailwoo, Sr. Manager Continuous Improvement, Sitel

Precise, upto date and brilliantly elaborated!

Rated 5 out of 5
January 29, 2021

Excellent course which gives not only a very precise overview of what Robotic Process Automation is but also how it’s done in well explained and elaborated tutorials. As always Mr. Vishwadeep Khatri builds up a great foundation as an instructor which is further strengthened by exhaustive tutorials well explained and substantiated from the wealth of his experience in the field.

Mohamed Aamir Hussain, Manager, Saudi Dolomite

Automation Is Everywhere, Get Insight Into How It Works.

Rated 5 out of 5
January 29, 2021

Enjoyed venturing into the subject of Robotic Automation at Benchmark Six Sigma and gaining insight into its workings. The sessions were informative and easy to grasp. A good certification for those who want to get an introduction into automation processes.

Titus Mehta, Executive Director, Sower and Seed FZE