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Benchmark Six Sigma is Accredited training Provider of Exemplar Global (previously RABQSA), a member of ASQ family. Exemplar Global provides global recognition for our Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt programs.

Vendor Managed Operations Efficiency Workshop

What is Vendor Managed Operations Efficiency?

In today’s interconnected world, it is imperative that the vendors are treated as partners in creating value for the customer. This workshop aims at providing a robust and metric driven approach to Vendor Management and subsequently improving the operational efficiency of the vendors. This program covers complete coverage of what is needed for high efficiency in VMO.


Sourcing, measuring and managing vendors and service providers are key aspects to many businesses today. Vendor Managed Operations also allow the organization to focus on their key tasks leave other services to outsourced vendors. Measuring and managing performance of such operations is an art and requires attention to detail. We have conducted this course for Google in the past.


To orient participants to various aspects related to the efficiency of Vendor Managed Operations (VMO) and to do a VMO self-assessment during the workshop. Participants will leave equipped to foster partnerships with service providers (internal and outsourced) leading to high level of customer satisfaction. Thorough understanding of translating client requirements into KPIs and metrics for service providers.


3 days.

Number 1 in India

Benchmark Six Sigma is number 1 for Vendor Managed Operations Efficiency Workshop in many ways.

  • With experience both in manufacturing and service vendor management, Benchmark has helped multiple organizations realize the true potential of managed vendor operations.
  • We moderate the largest Business Excellence learning community (among top three in the world).

Who Can Benefit

  • Professionals involved in getting expected results through Vendor Managed Operations (VMO)
  • Vendor managers
  • Procurement professionals
  • Anyone who wants to build competence that is domain independent

Offered as

Corporate Program – Customized

Before Workshop

Shadow sessions to customize material and delivery

After Workshop

VMO improvement coaching, if needed.

Salient Features

  • Facilitated by Multi-Industry Expert
  • 24 Hrs of Instructor Led Classroom Training
  • 100% coverage of VMO elements
  • Benchmark Six Sigma Certificate
  • Guided Self-assessment of Vendor Managed Operations
  • Membership of largest Business Improvement Community

Training Package

  • Course Material Kit for Vendor Management Operational Efficiency
  • Data and Templates for Analysis
  • 3 days of Instructor-Led Classroom Training
  • Vendor Management Operational Efficiency Certificate Examination
  • Recognized Certificate with lifetime validity

Content Outline

Clause Description
Coverage in VMO Problem Solving Workshop
1 Leadership and Planning  
1.1 Statement of Direction Passing Reference
1.2 Business Planning Passing Reference
1.3 Target Setting How to set targets for Outsourced Service Providers (OSPs)? How to modify targets?
1.4 Reviewing Business Performance How do we know that the Vendor met a target reasonably? How many samples are sufficient for the assessment?
1.5 Responsible Sourcing Passing Reference
2 Processes  
2.1 Defining Requirements Passing Reference
2.2 Developing and issuing RFX Passing Reference
2.3 Selecting and contracting OSP’s Passing Reference
2.4 Implementation and Change Management How to assess risk via FMEA before each major change?
2.5 Closing Relationships and Programs Passing Reference
2.6 Reviewing OSP Performance When to do RCA and how?
2.7 Paying OSPs FMEA exercises on OSP billing practice.
2.8 Reporting Performance to Clients Passing Reference
2.9 Gathering and Analyzing Customer Feedback How to analyze customer satisfaction data?
2.10 Design of Key Customer Related Processes How to use Cycle Time and Throughput concepts?
2.11 Knowledge and Content Management Quick Overview
2.12 Quality Management Quick Overview
2.13 Sales Management Passing Reference
2.14 Forecasting and Capacity Planning What are Queuing concepts, Little’s Law and how do they apply?
2.15 Scheduling and Real-Time Management When should VMO react and when not? Variation study to understand common cause and special cause variations
2.16 Training and Verifying OSP Staff Skills Quick Overview
2.17 Customer Service Support Staff -Monitoring and Coaching FMEA on Monitoring and Coaching
2.18 Unassisted Channel Management Customer touch systems. How to plan to transition to a new system?
2.19 Managing Process Control Quick Overview. Procedures and Audits
2.20 Corrective action and Continuous Improvement How to identify and carry out problem-solving projects using DMAIC?
2.21 Data Privacy and Compliance Risk assessment
2.22 Business Continuity Quick Overview – Reference to BCP for Short term interruptions, long term disruptions.
2.23 Reporting and Data Integrity Quick Overview – Data needs to be relevant, objective, accurate and representative.
2.24 Vendor and Key Supplier Performance Management Passing Reference
2.25 Annual Review Review mechanism (Internal/ External)
3 People  
3.1 Hiring and Recruiting Quick Overview
3.2 Training and Development Verification of objective minimum performance thresholds
3.3 Managing Staff Feedback Drivers of Staff Commitment/ Engagement
4 Performance  
4.1 Measuring Customer Experience An approach towards samples and whether they are representative
4.2 Client Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction How to do RCA for most common causes of complaints?
4.3 OSP Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction Quick Overview – Responsiveness, Accuracy, Forecast Timeliness of VMO
4.4 Overall Cost Management Passing Reference
4.5 Key Business Process Performance Service, Quality and Efficiency Assessment guidelines
4.6 Key Support Processes Performance Passing Reference
4.7 Achieving Results Quick Overview – Defining Acceptable Performance for VMOs

The contents of this program can be customized based on a shadow session or pre-study done within the company.

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Vendor Managed Operations Efficiency Workshop with unmatched advantages

What everyone offers


Some / Industry Acceptance

Some Project Practice

Some Training Experience

Benchmark offers More

We started our programs in 2001 and most accreditations started later. We provide Exemplar Global accredited globally valid certificate.

We guide participants through cases from different industry sectors which come from real experience in those organizations.

Google Participants’ Feedback

The trainer was extremely engaging. The examples were relevant to our work and also gave us a perspective of the industry standards as well as nuances of other industries. The quiz questions kept the interest and energy levels high during the training. The notes that were being made on the projector really helped gain a better understanding of the topics that could have otherwise been very theory heavy.

Sanjana Sridhar, Vendor Operations Lead, GCC Google Ads

Great training for anyone in the operations or process-oriented industry. Very engaging training.

Shalini Pal, VMO lead, RCC, Google

Would recommend this training for anyone who is working on process improvements – it gives you very useful insight on how you can go about doing projects in a structured and effective way.

Bhavic Tukrel, Vendor Operations, Google

The session was amazing and there is so much that we can take back from it. The examples covered were very relevant to our field and helped us understand the course content even better.

Nandita Sethi, Vendor Operations Lead, gTech, Google

The workshop opened a new world on how differently we can approach things.

Kevin Babu, Vendor Operations Lead, Google

I feel better equipped to solve problems at my workplace after the course. The course was quite informative.

Raunika Malhotra, Vendor Operations Lead – GCE, Google

Amazing trainer!

Rohan Sehgal, Vendor Manager, GTech, Google

I liked the role related practical examples being used. Recommended for any process oriented organization.

Hanish Dhume, Strategist- ARO, Google

I loved the intuitive method of delivering content through several real life examples and data from our own organization which helped us build better correlation between our business use cases & theoretical content.

Harshit Didwania, Strategist- ARO, Google

What I liked most was the pace at which it was conducted. – Excellent engagement by the workshop facilitator with the participants.

Rajagopalan S, Strategist – Ads Review Operations, Google

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