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Engineering and ProjectsLean Six Sigma in R&D: Rajesh Sampathkumar

Rajesh Sampath Kumar is a design & manufacturing professional. Being into process management in manufacturing domain Six Sigma approach to quality management was introduced to him at very early stages of his career. In the initial years of his career he worked on Six Sigma approach to quality management and learnt to analyse data at the basic level. While working on airspace designing with multi visibility approach, he learnt about the DMAIC tools by phase.

He also worked on manufacturing process management of two fortune 500 companies. Using DMAIC tools by phase they could improve cycle time, improved product configuration. While optimizing product configuration through DMAIC tools by phase they could reduce cycle time of creating bill of material from 22 hours to couple of seconds. Though he knew the power Six Sigma Approach to Quality Management, he never tried. Continuing his journey, he would like to apply DOE and advance hypothesis testing method. He would like to pursue Phd and Master Black Belt certificate in order to implement the tools into manufacturing process management.

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