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Engineering and ProjectsBent Schroeder – Sr Director Supply Chain Danfoss

Bent Schroeder is a Senior Director at Danfoss. Bent says that Danfoss is a global company and has presence all over the world. The company is headquartered in Denmark and Bent belongs to Denmark. He heads a global team of which Indian team is one part. On asking whether they were planning to use six sigma approach to quality in their operations, he says that they were aware of it and wanted to know the possibilities of learning Six Sigma approach to quality. He feels customer satisfaction comes first for any business and they strive hard to achieve it. Danfoss is working on supply chain and has been chasing delivery performance. He says without formal tools they have come far with process improvement but still they would like to improvise on the inventory. Customer satisfaction, Cost, and Inventory needs to be improved all at the same time which is not an easy job. He feels that at this stage the process improvements are hard to achieve and they need specific process improvement methodology. While working on process improvement methodology he feels it is necessary to identify the areas to improve, the tools that can be used which are quite advanced in the six sigma approach to quality. He has high expectations from six sigma certifications and he is looking forward to working on it for improvisation and sustainability. He feels his resources can be trained on six sigma for further process improvement initiatives. He says he would be using Six Sigma DMAIC tools for implementation.

He liked the way training was conducted on weekends and is delighted with the trainer and training materials. He signs off saying that the overall program has high standards.

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