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Lalita Tripathi started her career in Consumer Banking where she was managing operations of the bank. Then she consolidated her experience doing an MBA and green belt. After she got the chance to work on business transformation with the use of six sigma tools. A change manager role she feels has its own challenges, she had to face problems in policies and procedures which look good on paper but are difficult when it comes to the flow. She feels there is a huge impact of variable on the outcomes. She feels its not easy. She feels the ground reality is that all departments have data but no one wants to share it, there can be issues with the quality of data. Most of the times it is not accurate and can be unreliable.

She feels the other most important thing is people dynamics, interdependency on the business processes and people who are going to implement it for business transformation using Six Sigma tools. She feels as a change manager she had to find out the pain area and work on it, bringing positive notion about the whole business processes of bringing in the change. She says, she wants to be good in analysing and bringing in sustainable results in Business Transformation. She feels black belt training would help her with this journey of bringing about change in business processes and implementation of six sigma tooling.

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