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Business StrategyLean Six Sigma in Consulting: Koundinya

Koundinya works as a Principle Consultant in Dun & Bradstreet. He possesses six years of work experience with various aspects of consulting. He has exposure to many sectors. They have time bound projects where cost matter. He explains the workflow of a consulting company and also points out the loopholes into it which he feels are potential opportunities to implement Business Process Transformation using DMAIC tools by phase.

He says through the consulting organizations get a lot of data, often the analysis poses a big problem. Also there are some specific matrices which need to be deduced based on this data. Without structured approach it leads to slippage of deadline.

They use six sigma tooling and DMADV methodology extensively. Although he knew six sigma tooling, the formal journey started in 2010. After the training they started making a few changes like usage of process mapping, designing of project plan, stakeholder analysis, Six Sigma tooling etc. Then the business process transformation was done effectively. He felt the process of advising client had become easier as the structured approach of using DMAIC tools by phase was working in fetching good results. Henceforth he says he would like to be in Business Process Transformation Projects.

He praises Benchmark Six Sigma for making DMAIC tools by phase more easy and understandable. He lauds all the trainers for making it happen.

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