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Business StrategyLean Six Sigma in Strategy: Suvendu Mahapatra

Suvendu Mahapatra is a commerce graduate and has joined Zenta in 2001. 

He has been working there for 10 years, had joined as a financial analyst, he was taking care of service delivery and now moved to a corporate quality department. He worked on various initiatives of quality improvement. He worked on steady state practices as to how to measure quality and bring control in place for quality improvement. He had done Six Sigma Black Belt from Benchmark in 2007 followed by Lean certification in 2008. All the courses he feels were amazingly structured. After the courses now he works with Operational Excellence team in Zenta which looks after the transition, internal audit and business transformation.

He feels working with six sigma tooling is interesting when you have that passion and commitment to implement it for quality improvement and business transformation. Some years back there was a team of Black Belt professionals who have implemented many value driven processes through six sigma tooling and got wonderful results in business transformation. He says as a career it is a good choice as during the global slowdown all the certified people were doing well in bringing the businesses back on track.

He feels all the six sigma projects should have business impact then only its purpose gets solved. He feels the buy in from all the stakeholders and from senior management is also very important to implement this quality improvement methodology using six sigma tooling.

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