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For a while, let us focus on the process that works behind organ donation in some parts of the world.

In general, failure to find suitable organ donors is a universal phenomenon and leads to an average of 18 deaths each day in the USA. In India, 90% people in the waiting list of organs die because they do not get one. In terms of willingness to donate among citizens, European countries show a stark contrast. One example is mentioned below –

Germany has an organ donation consent rate of 12% while Austria has a consent rate of 99.98%.

What is the reason for this striking difference? Choose your response below by clicking on “Process Excellence” or “Human Psychology”

What do you think is playing a bigger role here?

Process Excellence


Human Psychology

What is behind this is more influential than elements like mass campaigning, deliberate reasoning, or individual preferences. Fundamentally, it is the decision to use opt-in vs opt-out. In the US, Great Britain and Germany, the legal default is that nobody is a donor without registering to be one. While in France, Austria, and Hungary, everyone is a potential donor unless they opt out. People have a tendency of NOT changing the default while filling a form, though they do have an option to make a change. This is an example of a good process having favorable influence on human psychology.

It is evident that an opt-in or opt-out decision at the right time can have serious long standing repercussions. This is true for organizational processes as well. Although it is blatantly misused sometimes, this rule is quite powerful towards getting a desired response in many occasions. I am providing below a small list of processes that come to my mind when I think about effective use of opt-in or opt-out.

  • On-line purchases.

  • Buying an on-line service with auto-renewal.

  • Filling an insurance policy form.

  • Filling a form for flight ticket booking.

  • On-line hotel booking.

  • Employee on-boarding process.

  • Buying a domain.

For the benefit of our community, I urge you to provide at least one opt-in or opt-out example that you have found to be effective. You may also like to provide our personal opinion around your example. To mention your own example and to initiate a discussion around it, please click here.


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