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Banking & FinanceLean Six Sigma in Services – Haresh Hiranandani, AVP, Kotak Mahindra Bank

Starting his career in the quality function of BPO industry and moving to financial services sector, Mr. Haresh Hiranandani has explained the importance of networking in this video.

He recalls the different positions that he was working at and fondly quotes that more than bringing in the change and implementing the six sigma approach to quality, it is necessary to bring in the buy in from the management. He reframes the purpose of six sigma approach to quality, and explains that its better impact needs to be published and should be made apparent in the financial reports. He feels it would give more buy in to six sigma approach to quality and also more recognition from the management as well as from the people.

He says while working in Kotak Mahindra Bank, he has realized about how the customer should have good experience while interacting with the bank. He feels banking sector is very traditional and it is very very difficult to get the buy in for implementing anything new into the business processes. He emphasizes on the impact Benchmark Six Sigma have had on him and other trainees and how he has been trying to implement what he has learnt in his courses into the business processes of the company he is working with.

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