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Banking & FinanceLean Six Sigma in Securities: Tina Arora

Tina Arora is working with Kotak Securities as a deputy Vice President. She has completed her Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt and currently doing her lean certification. She was introduced to Lean Six Sigma certification in Prudential, UK where her entire team works on business process excellence initiatives of the company. Once she completed her Six Sigma Green Belt, she started working on streamlining business process of the company where she was working. She has implemented y=f(x), PDCA and various other tools used in DMAIC only to reduce the TAT by 50%. In Kotak Securities she implemented tools used in DMAIC such as regression analysis and SIPOC and the most dreaded technique such as design of experiment which improved the cycle time for the queries by 38 man days.

She feels the Lean and 6 Sigma certifications have helped her grow in her career as she would be heading a process improvement group of the company where she would train people to implement changes and to streamline business process, and to make them aware of how Lean and 6 Sigma can change the function and streamline business processes. On an ending note she says bigger improvements are an act of identifying opportunities and implementing the change with your skill. She signs off saying Benchmark Six Sigma gives thoughts to your wings and brings you on a platform where you make the change.

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