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Benchmark Six Sigma - War Room

1. 1. The 8th waste in Lean is usually referred to
2. 2. After the Cause & Effect Diagram, a cause was given a rating of 8 on Control and 7 on Impact. Which quadrant will you classify this cause in the Cause and Effect Matrix?
3. 3. Graphical tool used to plot continuous X and continuous Y:
4. 4. Waste or Non-value add is anything that ____________ are not willing to pay for.
5. 5. In an inspection of 10 TVs, 40 defects are found in 5 TV's and the rest of the 5 TVs had no defects. The defects per unit (DPU) is computed as:
6. 6. Select the most appropriate tool to identify the viewpoints of people who may impact or be impacted by change
7. 7. Process input and output variables can be displayed using:
8. 8. The resource whose roles and responsibilities most closely match a person who is proficient in the process
9. 9. Quality Inspectors at Rony corporation inspect 4 characteristics (Display, keypad, battery, speaker) in a mobile before packaging. 500 mobiles were inspected and 116 defects were observed. What is the computed Z (sigma level) value?
10. 10.  One of the lean tools that is used to make small continuous improvements in the workplace is called
11. 11. Some of the Six Sigma tools that can be used to generate potential solutions are: ______________.
12. 12. Projects impact customers by primarily impacting three CTQs. Where the CTQs stand for Critical to ______________, Critical to _____________ and Critical to _________________
13. 13. When you have brainstormed and come up with several ideas which technique would you use to narrow down the list using a secret ballot process
14. 14. The main deliverable of Define phase is
15. 15. In a perfect normal distribution, we observe that
16. 16. Cause and Effect diagram uses 6M to classify the causes. These are Man, Method, Measurement, Material, Mother Nature and _______________
17. 17. Which of the following is an example of Discrete Data Type?
18. 18. Which one of the following represents the middle value in a data set?
19. 19. Which one of the following is not a measure of dispersion?
20. 20. For a dataset, USL – 24, LSL – 18, Mean – 21, Standard Deviation – 1. The Sigma Level (Zlt) for the process is
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