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Benchmark Six Sigma - War Room

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Q. FMEA can be used for

Q. All the statements below regarding project charter are true, EXCEPT:

Q. Which one of the following options is preferred for narrowing down long list of ideas to a manageable list for detailed evaluation?

Q. If the VOB is “Collection of accounts receivable is taking too long” then a suitable Critical Business Requirement (CBR) is

Q. In creating the SIPOC the following steps are involved.

i. Identifying inputs and their suppliers,
ii. Identifying process,
iii. Identifying process start and end,
iv. Identifying outputs,
v. Identifying customers.

The most appropriate sequence is:

Q. What is the main deliverable of Improve phase?

Q. DoE stands for

Q. Which of the following is true?

Q. As sigma (standard deviation) ___________, sigma level_________ and DPMO __________.

Q. Which of the following is NOT an example of a strong poka-yoke?

Q. Which of the following statements about Scatter plot is TRUE?

Q. Which of the following tools is used for managing the timelines of a project?

Q. ____________ are used to make small continuous improvements in workplace.

Q. Which of the following is NOT a statistical approach in identifying critical X’s?

Q. Specification limits may be given by:

Q. A manager in the accounting department wants to track how long it takes to process and approve expense reports on a weekly basis. Time for 20 reports is recorded weekly. An appropriate control chart will be

Q. The appropriate graphical tools for displaying frequency distribution of discrete data are:

Q. The proposed change is “Upgrade factory with new manufacturing equipment’s”. Which of the following methods can be used to understand the forces in favor of the change (e.g. Improved speed, Low maintenance cost) and forces against the change (e.g. Loss of overtime income, impact on environment)?

Q. The design specification for a cap diameter is 2 ± 0.05 cm. The diameter data follows normal distribution with mean of 2.02 cm and standard deviation of 0.01 cm. Calculate Pp, Ppk and give appropriate recommendation

Q. Which one of the following is NOT TRUE?

Q. The result of the improvements and financial benefits need to be generally monitored for ______

Q. Which of the following is TRUE?

Q. Value adding step in a process is something:

Q. It normally takes me 30-40 minutes to commute to office daily. Note that it does not take me exactly 35 minutes each time because there is attribution of _______ variation.

Q. ___________ is measuring your performance against the best in class companies, determining how those performance levels are achieved, and using that information as the basis for your own company’s targets, strategies and implementation.

Q. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about discrete data control charts?

Q. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about discrete data control charts?

Q. ___________ is the right person to guide the project leader in case they get stuck in a project.

Q. All the following are attributes of Pugh Matrix, EXCEPT

Q. An appraiser provides consistent scores every time he makes a measurement. All other appraisers show similar performance. However many of them do not agree with the standard answer. The issue is with the:

Q. 'Hiring an incorrect candidate for the job' will lead to which of the following waste?

Q. Pareto will only list issues which have occurred in the past, while FMEA will also list potential failures that have no history of occurrence. This makes the former a ______tool.

Q. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) compares

Q. PFMEA stands for

Q. The X-bar chart monitors measure of _____ , whereas the S chart monitors measure of _____ .

Q. Which of the following is CORRECT in case of De Bono Six Thinking Hats?

Q. Which of the following is an example of Visual control and not a warning?

Q. What is the relationship between standard deviation and variance?

Q. What will be the appropriate CTQ for the following VOB “Our documents have too many errors”?

Q. The FTY’s of four sequential process steps are 0.8, 0.91, 0.90, 0.99. What is the RTY for the process?

Q. Six Sigma level corresponds to:

Q. The purpose of operational definition is

Q. 100 transactions were inspected, 20 errors were found in 15 transactions. What is DPU?

Q. Which of the following is NOT a part of the control plan?

Q. All the following are graphical tools, EXCEPT

Q. Which one of the following is FALSE?

Q. A good DMAIC project is one for which:

Q. When some group members are much more vocal than others, to encourage equal participation from all, ___________ is preferred as it has limited vocal interaction.

Q. All the statements given below are false, EXCEPT

Q. Panel of experts, questionnaires and anonymity are prime features of:

Q. __________ is used when the improvement made with ___________ are not enough.

Q. If data matches the normal distribution, the best measure of central tendency is

Q. Which of the following will help generate a list of potential causes?

Q. Which one of the following statements is NOT TRUE?

Q. If alpha is 0.05, then significance level is

Q. Which of the following process has the highest Performance Ratio (Pp)?
Process A - USL = 30, LSL = 20, Mean = 20, Standard Deviation = 1
Process B - USL = 30, LSL = 20, Mean = 15, Standard Deviation = 2
Process C - USL = 31, LSL = 21, Mean = 25, Standard Deviation = 1

Q. Which of the following statements is FALSE?

Q. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of Pilot study?

Q. During frisking at airports, the metal detectors are passed over the metal belt first. This is an example of:

Q. Which of the following is NOT a lagging indicator?

Q. Quality team at an online retailer checks images and classifies them as “OK” or “NOT OK”. Although 70% of the images are handled by automation, 30% images are still checked manually which the system fails to classify correctly. Which of the following is an appropriate method to validate the manual measurement system?

Q. As per the SLA, all complaints should be resolved within 8 hours. Currently the average resolution time is 4.57 hours and standard deviation is 0.8 hours. What is DPMO?

Q. Elements that might be included in high level process maps are:

Q. “Higher the better” applies to all the following, EXCEPT

Q. “Control” doesn’t necessarily mean that the product or service will meet the needs. It only means that the process is ___________.

Q. DPMO can be calculated from:

Q. Voltage stabilizer is a device that ensures a stabilized voltage to an electrical appliance. This is an example of

Q. In ___________ sampling there is high homogeneity within groups and high heterogeneity between groups.

Q. Which of the following is TRUE with respect to control charts?

Q. All the statements below are TRUE, EXCEPT

Q. XYZ company wants to know whether the proportion of customers opening an e-mail increases if the customer’s name is mentioned in the title. % mails opened with name in title is to be compared with % mails opened without name in the title. What is the appropriate test for the above objective?

Q. The control chart to be plotted is selected based on

Q. Which of the following is true about Six Sigma?

Q. Which one of the following is FALSE?

Q. What is the area contained within ± 3 standard deviations on either side of mean in a normal curve?

Q. Which of the following is NOT used for evaluating alternative solutions?

Q. In a Pareto plot, what is represented on the secondary Y axis?

Q. _________ is credited as the father of Six Sigma.

Q. Control phase tollgate checklist includes all the following, EXCEPT

Q. Business case in a project charter _______________

Q. Who approves the successful closure of the project?

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