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Benchmark Six Sigma - War Room

Q. The average defective rate is 10%. Probability calculation was done for a sample of size 10. Result is displayed below. Choose the most appropriate inference

Q. All the points below are questions in the define phase tollgate, except _______
Q. Which of the following can be used as a Visual Control?
Q. With respect to DoE, “Block” for_________ factors and “Randomize” for__________factors
Q. Which of the following is introduced in a design to check if the relationship between X & Y exhibits curvature (non-linearity)?
Q. Which of the following is not a part of the Control Plan?
Q. A control chart that does not have any out-of-control condition is considered ___________, and the process is operating in a state of __________.
Q. When the market price of gold is high, so is the market price of silver. This indicates a strong positive correlation between the price of the two. Which of the following statement is the best take away from this example?
Q. Non-parametric statistical methods (Mood's Median, Mann Whitney etc.) are preferred when ______________
Q. The operators of a manufacturing shop floor out a more orderly arrangement for tool storage and establish a schedule to maintain cleanliness daily. These improvements are best described by which approach to problem solving?
Q. Primary responsibility of the Master Black Belt is _______________
Q. Which of the following combinations is incorrect?
Q. A production manager would like to know whether there is an association between the shift (1/2/3) and the machine used (1 vs 2) with respect to defective items produced. An appropriate hypothesis test would be?
Q. Towards the final stages of the LSS project it is important to prepare the lessons learned document because ____________________
Q. Which of the following is NOT true about Goal-Means diagram?
Q. An economist wants to determine whether the monthly energy cost for families has increased from the previous year’s average of $50. An increase of at least $5 is considered meaningful and the estimated standard deviation is $3. To detect a difference of 5 with a power of 0.9, the economist needs to collect a sample of minimum _______ observations for the 1-sample t-test.
Q. Which of the following statement is incorrect?
Q. What resolution will you choose to perform a two-level fractional factorial design for 6 factors if 2 replicates are necessary and the budget doesn’t allow more than 20 experiments?
Q. Which of the following is the best method to sustain the improvements post successful completion of a project?
Q. “Data collection for primary and secondary metrics to gain insight and establish baseline”, is the main purpose of ______________
Q. Which of the following statement is true?
Q. One factor at a time studies would not be able to identify interactions between the factors as compared to full factorial designs. The statement is ________
Q. In which of the following charts will the Lower Control Limit (LCL) not be artificially set to zero, if the calculation of LCL gives a negative value?
Q. Which of the following statement regarding model reduction for 3 factors (A,B & C) is FALSE?
Q. Which one of the following is NOT a step in John Kotter’s eight step change management plan?
Q. Which of the following statement is incorrect?
Q. Which of the following is correct?
Q. A financial services institution wants to determine if their average loan processing time differs from a competitor’s claim of 5 hours. The analyst randomly selects 20 loan applications from the past 1 month and calculates the time between loan initiation and notification to customer about the institution’s decision. (Assume that the processing time data follows normal distribution). Which hypothesis test can be deployed?
Q. Which of the following statement is NOT true?
Q. While performing Attribute Agreement Analysis (AAA) which of the following is true?
Q. When speed is essential, and survival of the organization is at stake, which of the following approach is best suited for dealing with resistance to change?
Q. Which of the following statement about Six Sigma is NOT true?
Q. Identify the correct sequence for conducting a Gage R&R study.
Q. Power of the design can be increased by ________________
Q. Fishbone diagrams cluster causes into categories. Which of the following is NOT normally used as a category?
Q. Based on the table given below, what is the critical path for this project? 

Q. The Alternate Hypothesis usually represents ____________
Q. With respect to Pearson’s correlation coefficient, which of the following is NOT true?
Q. When the VP of a small company announced to his managers that the company would implement a flexible working schedule for all employees, numerous rumors began to circulate as none of them knew what flexible working hours meant. One rumor, for instance, suggested that flexible hours meant that most people would have to work whenever their supervisors asked them to—including evenings and weekends resulting in high resistance. It never occurred to the VP, that he might run into such a resistance. What is the most appropriate reason for this resistance?
Q. A company has hired a Master Black Belt to conduct in-house Black Belt trainings. The MBB conducts one training per month. The training is 15 days long. The MBB generates reports and dashboards for the rest of his work time. Which of the wastes in Lean does it represent?
Q. In case of “Data Collection”, which of the following has the advantage of high data integrity and opportunity to seek clarification?
Q. Leading and managing Six Sigma projects is a primary responsibility of ___________
Q. A physiologist wants to determine whether a particular treatment has an effect on resting heart rate. The heart rates of 25 randomly selected people were measured. The people were then put on the treatment and measured again 6 months later. If the data follows normal distribution which is an appropriate test to compare the before and after treatment conditions?
Q. Which of the following pairs is correctly matched?
Q. If the data is non normal, then which of the following is/are true with respect to process capability

i. Process capability can be done using Box-Cox transformation
ii. Process capability can be done using Johnson's transformation

iii. Process capability cannot be done for non normal data
iv. Identify the non normal distribution that fits the data and perform capability analysis for non normal data
Q. Which of the following metric is NOT a part of the “Customer” leg of the Balanced Scorecard?
Q. Likert-type data is an example of ________________
Q. What is the number of runs that would be required if we had 3 factors, 2 levels, 2 replicates of the corner points, 3 Center points and 1 block?
Q. A team wishes to assess the potential problems in the process. Which of the following tools should the team use?
Q. For a process in control, what is the theoretical probability that a single point on the X-bar chart will fall between the mean and plus one sigma?
Q. For a linear relationship, the correlation coefficient is 0.9. What is the percentage of variation in Y that is explained by variation in X?
Q. All the statements below are false, except ____________
Q. Which of the following is the correct intended movement of the baseline metric after validation?
Q. Below is the result of a DoE. Which of the effects are significant? (Select the most appropriate option)

Q. Which of the following is NOT a test for special cause in a C chart?
Q. What is plotted on a U-chart?
Q. Amool Milk Powder is sold in packets with an advertised mean weight of 500 gm. The standard deviation is known to be 20 grams. The weight data follows normal distribution. A consumer group wishes to check the accuracy of the advertised mean and takes a sample of 60 packets finding an average weight of 490 g. Which hypothesis test can they deploy?
Q. All the examples below are of discrete data, EXCEPT _________________
Q. Which of the following is an example of a pilot?
Q. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
Q. What is the best tool to understand the relationship between call time (continuous variable) and customer response (Yes/No) to the question “Are you satisfied with the resolution?”?
Q. The purpose of Toll Gate review is to _____________
Q. Which of the following is a “living” document?
Q. Which of the following is true for variable data control charts?
Q. The customer support team claims that it typically takes about 2 days to respond to a ticket. The team recorded the response time for 100 similar issue tickets and checked for normality. The data was non normal. What hypothesis test can be used to validate the claim?
Q. What is the probability of finding a real difference if beta=10%?
Q. A process is normally distributed with, USL = 24 and LSL = 18. It has a mean of 20, short-term standard deviation of 1 and long-term standard deviation of 1.5. What will be Cp, Ppk respectively?
Q. Which of the following DoE can also be used as a screening design?
Q. Which of the following is NOT an attribute of the “FORM” stage of team formation?
Q. Control limits of which charts often appear ragged?
Q. Which of the following is an example of a strong Poka Yoke?
Q. Control charts help us in all the following, EXCEPT:
Q. Which of the following is true with respect to the interaction effect plot if there is an interaction effect between two factors?
Q. Which of the following technique may be used for both solution generation and evaluation?
Q. In case of a perfect normal distribution ____________
Q. The high-level process map at the Define stage should be __________
Q. Calculate the interaction effect (AB) for the following data and match with the appropriate statement

Q. Assuming the costs of investment are equal among the various projects, the project with the __________ IRR would probably be considered the best and be undertaken first.
Q. Which of the following hypothesis test CANNOT be used to compare pre and post improvement performances?
Q. Gage R&R study for a measurement system gave the following outcome. What is a suitable inference?

Q. If the NPV of a prospective project is _______, the project should be accepted
Q. Which of the following statement is true?
Q. Difference between p-chart and np-chart is _____________
Q. Which of the following is true for a NP chart?
Q. Which of the following is NOT matched correctly?
Q. If the main effect of factor "A" is 10, it means ___________
Q. What is the formula for Defects Per Opportunity (DPO)?
Q. With respect to a Balanced Scorecard, which of the following is NOT true?
Q. What is the alternate hypothesis for Kruskal-Wallis test?
Q. Errors in invoice’s are tracked on a daily basis. On an average each invoice has 0.5 errors. This data follows ___________ distribution?
Q. A tool that gathers large amounts of language data (ideas, opinions, issues) and organizes them into groupings based on their natural relationships is __________
Q. ___________ is a Japanese term for “change for improvement” or improving processes through small incremental steps.
Q. _______________helps quality professionals translate broad customer needs into specific, actionable and measurable project metrics.
Q. Calculate the main effect of factor “B” for the below.

Q. If the p-value is less than the significance level, then _________
Q. A process has Zoverall = 1, Zwithin = 1.41 and Zentitlement = 1.53. Which of the following could potentially be the value of Zgoal?
Q. All the statements below are true about X-bar and S chart, EXCEPT ____
Q. The project closure and benefit realization needs to be signed off by _______
Q. The disadvantage of using Pugh Matrix is ___________
Q. Which of the following statement(s) is incorrect?
Q. Rework, over-production, inventory, and motion are all examples of __________
Q. What is an Operational Definition?
Q. A research and development lab wanted to check the effectiveness of three types of fabric stain removers (A, B & C). They recorded the time required for 50 samples for each of the stain removers. What hypothesis test can the research team consider to understand if one of the products is better than the others? (The time required to remove stains follows normal distribution)
Q. Which of the following statement is true about variance?
Q. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
Q. “Six Sigma” as a process performance metric means ___________
Q. What is plotted on a P-chart?
Q. Two drugs A & B were evaluated for their effectiveness. However, drug A was tested only in individuals with <30 years age while drug B was tested only in individuals with >30 years age. In such a case the effect of the drugs and age of the individuals is said to be _______________
Q. Who can act as the process owner, if the actual process owner is missing?
Q. Which of the following is NOT a question in the Control phase tollgate review?
Q. Which of the following represents the correct sequence of steps in a DoE study?
Q. A document requires 10 essential entries for further processing. In a sample of 100 such documents, defects (missing entries/incomplete entries/incorrect entries) were evaluated. 20 defects were found in 2 documents. What is DPMO, DPU and Yield respectively?
Q. A call center monitors the count of daily abandoned calls. The number of calls received varies on a daily basis. Which of the following is an appropriate control chart to use?
Q. Which one of the following is not a primary responsibility of the process owner?
Q. DMAIC is NOT a suitable methodology if ___________
Q. Which of the following statement is INCORRECT?
Q. Measurement value = ?
Q. Which of the following are project selection tools?
Q. A team’s goal is to improve information flow in a payroll function. They make 25 Post-It notes, each listing an issue for further investigation. After some discussion, they group them into four categories: mandated record keeping, privacy concerns, insurance concerns, and transfer concerns. This grouping process is best described by which approach to problem solving?
Q. The Quality Assurance department at a call center wants to compare the call times on incoming calls for two teams. For each team, 300 incoming calls are timed. Which hypothesis tests can be used to determine whether the teams differ in their call time variations and call time means respectively?
Q. Statements given below are true, EXCEPT:
Q. Turnaround time (TAT) data collected shows normal distribution with a mean of 5 and a standard deviation of 1. What are the chances that the TAT will be between 4 and 6?
Q. You want to create and maintain an organized and clean workplace. Which of the tools is best suited for this?
Q. Which of the following is true for a standard normal distribution?
Q. A sales team in a company is doing a project on improving the days outstanding on invoices to customers. We would not want the team to achieve lower days outstanding (lower the better) by offering discounts on the invoices. What will be a suitable secondary metric?
Q. Quality team tracks the number of items that get rejected in the daily audits. This data follows ______________
Q. Which of the following is NOT matched correctly?
Q. We have marketing data that contains the impact of three advertising medias (facebook, youtube and instagram) on sales. What approach can be used for predicting sales revenue from the budget invested in the three advertising medias?
Q. September 23, 1999, after a 286-day journey from Earth to Mars, NASA lost the $125 million Mars Climate Orbiter, after the spacecraft entered into an orbit 100 kilometers closer than planned. NASA used the metric system, while its partner Lockheed Martin, the organization that designed the navigation system, used English units. This is a classic example of the absence of____________
Q. __________ provides a quick look at the planned activities, schedule, allows for assessment of key resources and project performance against plan.
Q. Which one of the following is NOT correctly matched to its purpose?
Q. Given process average = 1.65, standard deviation =0.05, assuming statistical control and a normal population, what proportion of the population will meet specifications of 1.65 ± .05?
Q. In case of automated data collection with no human intervention in the measurement, _______________
Q. Which of the following tool(s) can help break “Big Y’s/CTS parameters” into project Y’s?
Q. Six Sigma Level can be achieved by having _____________
Q. A control plan should have __________________
Q. Which of the following is true for Poka Yoke?
Q. All the statements below are correct, except ___________________
Q. With respect to control charts, which of the following is NOT correctly matched?
Q. All the following statements are true, except _________
Q. What is the correct sequence for activities given below?
Q. In an Interrelationship diagram, the box that has the most outgoing arrows is _________________
Q. Which of the following does NOT help to capture the VOC?
Q. Which of the following is true while doing a Gage R&R study?
Q. Following image displays the Alias Structure for a Fractional Factorial Design. What is the resolution for this design?

Q. __________ is a graphical tool of choice to show frequency distribution of discrete data.
Q. Which of the following does NOT warrant an action?
Q. What strategy should be used for “Low importance and high commitment” stakeholders?
Q. Targets for conflicting CTQ's from a QFD can be optimized to get the optimal output using which of the following tools?
Q. If a project investment amounts to $1,000,000 and the return estimated is $100,000. What is the ROI?

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