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Feedback from participants at Google.

Theoretical knowledge/ teaching was simultaneously and effectively applied in real-life business problems increasing the retention capacity and influence on our work post-training . Spending just one day with the team, VK was able to develop a working knowledge of relevant systems and processes allowing him to make the content relatable . VK was a fantastic trainer and facilitator. Absolutely fabulous training! The structure and content carefully balances both theory and application, ensuring that participants have high retention and can directly see a positive outcome in their work post-training.
– Charvi Singh, Program Manager- AdWords, Google

I liked the role related practical examples being used. Recommended for any process oriented organization.
– Hanish Dhume, Strategist- ARO, Google

I loved the intuitive method of delivering content through several Real Life examples and data from our own organization which helped us build better correlation between our business use cases & theoretical content.
– Harshit Didwania, Strategist- ARO, Google

I liked the exposure and use of statistical tools. Using the same we were able to disregard some of the hypothesis we felt were true. The workshop conducted for Ads Review Operation, Google was of very high quality. The customization done to suit our needs was truly commendable that also resulted in making the training more effective. Mr.Vishwadeep was also able to develop a great comfort level with the participants that enabled better engagement. A mix of statistical and non-statistical tools will definitely help us to do Root Cause Analyses in a more structured way.
– Iti Malik, Program Manager- Ads Review Operations, Google

The best thing was the content which was very well connected to the Google business, gave us a lot of real life examples to investigate.
– Madhumita Choudhury, Online Sales and Operations Manager, Google

Heavy concepts were delivered in a light and understandable manner. VK was a fantastic trainer. He used examples and inferences from our actual processes and issues to explain breakthrough possibilities. This was extremely useful.
– Nakita Saldhana, Account Strategist- Ad Review Operations, Google

What I liked most was the way in which the Trainer was able to relate the techniques to our business. The entire approach was really appreciable. This has been one of the most fun and enjoyable learning experience in my career.
– Parinita Das, Program Manager- Ads Review, Google

What I liked most was the pace at which it was conducted. – Excellent engagement by the workshop facilitator with the participants.
– Rajagopalan S, Strategist – Ads Review Operations, Google

The customization of the module to our business and the involvement of the trainer in the same was really commendable. It was very impressive that he could speak our language while discussing use cases. Great customization of the training module to suit our business needs. At the end of the workshop, we already have many use cases for implementation within our work areas.
– Ramya Supraja, Strategist- Quality Management, Google

The best thing I liked was the Trainer’s way of conducting sessions, kept the audience engaged throughout, patience in explaining – Quite a few methods covered with all sorts of examples (business and general) and the Practice exercises. The workshop helps you look at data in many different ways and find meaning in it.
– Rashi Baid, Associate- Ads Review- Scale Ops, Google

Mr. Vishwadeep kept the training light and interactive. While Business Problem Solving is a widely known concept, but very rarely do people understand how to go about it in a systematic manner. The course helps build one’s understanding of the methodologies that come into play while applying Root Cause Analysis techniques to real work problems.
– Vineet Gambhir, Product Specialist- Adwords, Google

The workshop opened a new world on how differently we can approach things.
– Kevin Babu, Vendor Operations Lead, Google

I feel better euipped to solve problems at my workplace after the course. The course was quite informational.
– Raunika Malhotra, Vendor Operations Lead – GCE, Google

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April 12, 2017

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