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Videos of our participants from Automobile Industry

With his wealth of experience at Fiat, Hyundai, Ford, Daimler Benz, Mercedes, Ashok Leyland in Product Development, Supply Chain Management, Quality, MK Somanathan shares what is meant by Consumer Driven Six Sigma at his current company and how is he driving it.

Phanindra Karody – General Manager at Continental Automotive Systems

Feedback of some of our participants from Automobile Industry

I found Benchmark Six Sigma training very useful and effective.
-Alam Moore, Sr. SDE, General Motors.

The study material has been designed in such a way that it is in proper sync with the lecture and exercise session. It is fantastic.
– Vishal Sharma, Director, Indico Motors Pvt. Ltd.

It is a very very good and relevant course for my quality profession. The best part was the in-depth knowledge of the concepts.
– Satya Pal Singh, Senior Manager, Global Auto.

I liked the trainer, training method, training environment.
– Dhanapal .M, Senior Engineer, TAFE (Tractor And Farm Equipment).

BSS is the Best In Class for Learning Six Sigma.

– MK Somantahan, Head-QMS, Ashok Leyland.

This training is worth doing and it helped me a lot in streaming out process.
– Manoj Kr. Sinha, Asst. Manager, Tata Motors Ltd.

The Training Methodology was really easy to understand.
– Manikandan K R, Senior Engineer, Renault Nissan.

A Person who is willing to make personal and professional improvements must attend this training.
– Nandhakumar.Y, Craftsmen- QA- Ford India Pvt. Ltd.

The presentation was brilliant and the location was awesome and got to say the instructor incredibly good and the course material was more than satisfactory.
– Aditya Ramesh Kulkarni, Executive, Hematic Motors Private Limited.

Six Sigma provided by Benchmark is “Thinking Process Redefined”. It was a great learning experience.
– Shasanka Sekhar Sahu, Senior Engineer, Renault Nissan.

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