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Why Lean Six Sigma? – Pushkar Charan

Pushkar Charan is the assistant Vice president- operations in Genpact. He uses a real life analogy to explain the benefits of Six Sigma. When one tries to cook, the outcome can go only in three ways, good, average or bad to taste. From a professional standpoint, there are only three reasons as to why the food failed to meet our expectations. Either we did not have the right number of ingredients, or the right quality of ingredients, or we did not follow the steps properly. However if we were to ask a professional to cook the food for us, the food would definitely meet our expectations both aesthetically and taste-wise. Similarly, he says on the professional front every individual would have tried to employ some improvement project and the outcome would have been similar to the aforementioned example. Again, although we would have plenty of reasons to justify the failure, it would finally boil down to not applying the right tools at the correct time and the proper usage of the tools. So, if one wants to be a leader, then one has to implement Six Sigma. From experience, he strongly feels that Six Sigma is a brilliant process which should become a way of life.