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Why Lean Six Sigma – Mohan PB

Mohan says the Six Sigma is a time tested technique which has proven to be immensely effective in different sectors and does not warrant any selling. The history of improvement is as old as the history of mankind. Traditionally improvements were driven by support functions like industrial engineering or quality teams in different companies. In this approach, other teams like operation and senior management did not involve much in the improvement. So there was a need to plug the gaps in the existing improvement approaches and that is how Six Sigma came to the picture. He says, Six Sigma ensures that all the people are involved and feel the impact of the improvement. Operations can see a higher quality produced at lesser cost. Finance can see a greater profit margin and senior management can see more business coming in. Six Sigma sees variation as an evil that has to be eradicated completely. Six Sigma tries to reengineer an existing process to produce better output. The whole company can feel the benefits of Six Sigma and it can transform the face of business completely.