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Tolaram Group

Feedback from participants at Tolaram Group.

When I joined this course, with Benchmark, I came with an open mind but not with much expectation as the sessions were online. However, I was pleasantly surprised as the course gained momentum in no time and I was glued to the classes. Every moment was learning new things. Our instructor is highly talented and was able to explain the concepts in a precise and clear manner. He was patient to clear the doubts and the sessions were very engaging even in very mundane topics. The course material is concise and clear and designed in such a way that the learning becomes wholesome. Of Course, the sessions are very intense but totally worth it. I will never look at any process the way I used to, thanks to Six Sigma Blackbelt course, it taught me myriad ways of looking at process optimization. Definitely a great skill added which will go a long way professionally and personally. Kudos to the Benchmark team and my organization to let me attend the course.
– George Thomas, Head of Product Development, DUFIL Prima Foods
Every professional or non-professional should go through Lean Six Sigma Course. One can apply various tools of Six Sigma in day to day work which will help to complete work in an efficient & effective manner.
– Bhomesh Kumar, Finance Controller, Tolaram Group
I highly recommend and advice that everyone irrespective of their cadre to take this training and must revise if possible every two years
– Raybind Patel, Factory Manager, De United Foods Industries (Ghana) Limited
Six Sigma Black belt training is good and should be recommended for anyone in a process/service sector who is interested in minimizing waste and variation to maximize profitability.
– Felix Negedu, Six Sigma Coordinator, De-united food industries limited- Seasoning division
Online Black belt course by Benchmark Six sigma was very good in learning, made the concept clear about all details… Really helpful to improve your process by applying tools.
– Manish Joshi, Factory Manager, DUFIL Seasoning Plant
Benchmark Team is highly professional. I felt humbled with the way they attended to us, as potential future LSS experts. Gratitude & cheers.
– Yuvraj Satardekhar, Quality Assurance Manager, DUFIL
Six Sigma course is a very interesting course, it helps you to think in a different dimension.
– Nikhil Bangera, Project Engineer, Kellogg Tolaram
All the sessions were absolutely great! It was a great learning experience. Thank you to our trainer!
– Osheen Oliver, Quality Control Lead, Kellogg Tolaram LFTZ Enterprise 
The way we were handling the improvement projects before and after this training, is going to change entirely.
– Deepak Dwivedi, Production Manager, Kellogg Tolaram LFTZ Enterprise
Very Good training for Black Belt understanding and making it simple to understand
Hrishikesh, Corporate Quality Head, DUFIL Prima Foods 
Highly recommended to enhance productivity and minimize defects
– Rahul Mitra, Quality Assurance Manager, DUFIL
This training should be made mandatory at all levels of any Industry.
– Raktim Banarjee, Factory Manager Flour Division, DUFIL Prima Foods
Lucid explanation of every topics by presenter trainer
– Jeetendra Mishra, Factory Manager Noodles Manufacturing, Northern Noodles Nigeria Limited
Very comprehensive, systematic course for starters.
– Sunil Patil, Head R&D, Kellogg Tolaram
Excellent pace and clarity in explaining the topics
– Satyajeet, Head of Innovations and Product Development, DUFIL Prima Foods
Excellent course and trainer.
– Navin Singhal, Manufacturing Factory Manager, DUFIL Prima Foods