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Lean Six Sigma In Telecom – Krishnarao

Krishna Rao is the Regional Quality head for Motorola India. Although many quality features exist in the industry today, like Total Quality Management (TQM), they are not as effective as Six Sigma he says. The TQM culture encompasses concept like Continuous improvement, Kaizen and ISO. On introspection, it can be seen that organizations that adopt TQM only focus on quality improvement but don’t have major targets or set-goals to achieve. This is because the program, its leadership, and the goals are not clearly defined and the gravity of the situation has not percolated to the people. Six Sigma on the contrary, right from the first phase lays a lot of emphasis on small goals and incremental goals with a clear-cut plan, program and leadership. He says, if an organization systematically sets goals for itself, and holds quarterly reviews by taking into account its population, it can successfully implement the Six Sigma philosophy. This is true for large MNC’s as well as for local industrial giants in diverse fields like IT, ITES, manufacturing and construction. Several forms which propagate the benefits of Six Sigma have sprouted up in our country and it is going to become a huge movement.