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Lean Six Sigma in Telecom: Himadri Sarkar

Himadri Sarkar in his 11 year old career has worked with several hospitality giants like Marriott and Hyatt. He is currently working with Hutchison 3 Global Services in the Process Excellence team. He had the opportunity to work with a pioneer of Six Sigma in his organization and has completed several successful green belt projects. He briefly talks about a project that he worked on. Their strategic aim in the year 2009-2010 was to become the consumer champion in the UK since the field is highly competitive with a lot of well-established competitors. The problem was that their bottom performing advisors, who were close to 20-25% were bringing down the scores drastically as a result of which not only did their internal metric get affected, but a lot of customers began to leave.
They started off with the DMAIC procedure. When they reached the improve phase, the usual 3 months’ time frame was set. However, they decided to set progressive toll gates in the improve phase to measure periodically rather than towards the end which helped them glean more information about the efficacy of their process. The project was a huge success and it saw a 35% improvement in efficiency.