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Feedback from participants at Symantec.

The course is very descriptive and easy to understand. Moreover, the trainer kept the classroom lively with his new creative examples.
– Mayur Mohan Gupta, Supervisor, Symantec.

The process was properly streamlined and our instructor gave good examples to explain the process.
– Neeraj Kumar Rathod, Supervisor, Technical Support, Symantec.

The trainer was extremely knowledgable, I liked the whole training overall.
– Vasanth Viswanathan, Team Leader, Symantec.

The case studies and examples used throughout the training were practical, real-life, very relevant and made the understanding of the concepts easier and better.
– Devraj RG, Techincal Support Supervisor, Symantec.

Good coach with in-depth knowledge about the program and presentation. Useful training material.
– Maulik Patel, Supervisor, Technical Support, Symantec.

The session was very interactive. We learned new concepts and their implementation. It was completely worth the time spent.
– Jayanthi, Technical Support Supervisor, Symantec

One of the most knowledgeable trainers I have been trained by, an inspiration to change the way we look at life and work.
– Sarin Ravindran, Manager, Symantec.

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