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Lean Six Sigma for Students – Roshan & Vishnu, IIM Trichy

Roshan and Vishnu are students from IIM-Trichy. Their learning from the Six Sigma course has helped them understand how the industrial practices are, with regard to problem solving. The entire course had been structured in a manner to offer more clarity on the DMAIC approach. The whole process of defining a problem, setting up performance standards, identifying the critical x’s, identifying the best solution, implementing the solution and optimizing the process has been very beneficial to them.

Although they have learnt concepts like hypothesis testing before, only now did they learn the industrial application of such tools. Roshan particularly feels that Six Sigma has to be a part of every B–school curriculum because, as future managers, they need to extensively use these concepts for the success of their projects. Six Sigma, they feel, gives them a head start in an industry that already practices this philosophy. The best part for them was that, they could relate it to their previous work experience. Vishnu says, hailing from the IT sector, he has seen a lot of issues pertaining to process optimization and now, he has more clarity in solving them. Right from selecting a project to its implementation and maintenance, Six Sigma offers a holistic approach to problem solving.