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Prajwal started his career in Infosys where he worked for two years and then moved on to a small scale manufacturing firm. He says, nowadays it is very easy to duplicate any technology; products can be reproduced in no time. So, what differentiates two firms is the process, its efficiency and the cost minimization capability of the system. While working in the manufacturing firm, he realized that the processes were carried out in a crude manner without any systematic approach. Six Sigma’s DMAIC procedure helps in enhancing the process efficiency in an organization. He plans to concentrate on bettering the management, which can help avoid space congestion and eliminate redundant processes. With the Six Sigma learning, he feels that he is capable of categorizing processes as value added and non-value added, and eliminate the non-value added processes. As a manager, it is difficult to manage shifts in the manufacturing department, but with DMAIC procedure, he says one can implement process benchmarking, make the shifts competitive, and extract the maximum. Proper application of the DMAIC concept, he believes will give his firm a competitive edge over the other firms in the sector.