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Lean Six Sigma For MBA Freshers: Anchal Gautam

Anchal Gautam is an Electronics engineer and has worked with TCS for four years. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Business Management from NMIMS. She is specializing in operations management and came across Six Sigma concepts in one of her electives which triggered in her the interest to pursue green belt Six Sigma certification. After enquiring about various Six Sigma institutes, she landed on Benchmark Six Sigma as it provides a globally certified Six Sigma Course.
The program lasted for four days and it exceeded her expectations on many fronts. The facilitator was extremely knowledgeable and was able to convey the most complex ideas in the simplest of manner with ease. She learnt many techniques like measurement system analysis and hypothesis testing which can be used in solving a wide variety of problems, both simple and complex. In the context of her previous work experience, she has analyzed that measurement system analysis can be applied to defect tracking, a pain area in the IT industry. She eventually plans on undertaking her black belt certification as well. She strongly believes that she can use these tools effectively and add value to any organization she works with in future.