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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Sample Paper: Measure

1. The specifications for room temperature are: USL=24, LSL=18, Process Average=22 and standard deviation is 1. What is the Zlt?
2. 2000 forms were inspected, 127 forms were incomplete and therefore considered defective. What is Zlt?
3. 1000 projectors were inspected. 64 defects were observed. Consider OFE unknown. What is Zlt?
4. For diameter of a ball, the Cp is 0.75, and Cpk is 0.75. We wish to improve the capability of the process. What should we do?
5. The FTY yield of four sub‐processes is 99%, 98%, 99% and 97%. What are the RTY and Zlt?
6. The average delivery time of a product=22 minutes, standard deviation=6, what is the expected DPMO if the delivery is desired within 30 minutes? (Assume delivery time follows normal distribution)
7. A mobile phone can have up to 5 defects. 200 mobile phones were inspected and 56 defects were observed. What is Zlt?
8. The main deliverable of Measure Phase is
9. The diameter of a component should be 8mm±2mm. The average diameter is 7 and standard deviation (within) is 1. What is Cp, Cpk?
10. An improvement manager collects a product every 30 minutes for testing. What sampling method did the improvement manager use?
11. Appraiser A agrees with him/herself, Appraiser B agrees with him/herself across trials, Appraiser A & B don’t agree with each other. What primary error is it?
12. Which of the following statement is not true?
13. If Zlt =3, what is DPMO =
14. Central Limit Theorem states that, for large values of n, the distribution of the sample________ will converge to a normal distribution even though the random variable x (individual data points) may be non‐normal
15. Specification limit is
16. Which of the following data type is classified as continuous?