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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Sample Paper: Improve

1. Please refer to the Pugh Matrix in Table 5 . Based on this Pugh matrix, which alternative solution is optimum?

2. Green Belt wants to ascertain whether % defects post improvement has reduced. What is the most appropriate hypothesis test that the GB should carry out? Consider the sample size to be large
3. Which technique can be used to generate alternative solutions?
4. Pilot is important because
5. A supervisor wants to compare the % defectives of two teams. Which hypothesis test should he use?
6. Which of the following is a method of relying on a panel of experts to anonymously select their responses using a secret ballot process?
7. If there are three factors, 2 levels of each factor, how many unique combinations are possible for experimentation?
8. To check whether Y has improved, we may compare before and after performance using: