Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Sample Paper 2: Define

1. If the proposed change is “Upgrade factory with new manufacturing equipment’s”, the method that can be used understand forces for the change (e.g. Improved speed, Low maintenance cost) and forces against the change (e.g. Loss of overtime income, impact on environment) is:
2. One of the following is false
3. An activity-oriented project management technique that uses network diagramming to demonstrate the time for completing a project is
4. Business case in a project charter
5. If the VOB is “Collection of accounts receivable is taking too long” then a suitable Critical Business Requirement (CBR) is
6. ___________ is the right person to map as-is process flow
7. All the statements below regarding project charter are true, EXCEPT:
8. ____________ are used to make small continuous improvements in workplace to reduce cost, improve quality and delivery.
9. A good DMAIC project is one for which:
10. What will be the appropriate CTQ for the following VOB “Our documents have too many errors”?
11. In creating the SIPOC the following steps are involved.

  1. Identifying inputs and their suppliers,

  2. Identifying process ,

  3. Identifying process start and end,

  4. Identifying outputs,

  5. Identifying customers.

The correct sequence is:
12. One of the following statements is NOT TRUE:
13. Elements that might be included in high level process maps are: