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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Sample Paper 2: Analyze

1. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) compares
2. Which of the following is TRUE?
3. In a Pareto plot, what is represented on the secondary Y axis?
4. FMEA can be used for
5. Value adding step in a process is something:
6. Which one of the following is FALSE?
7. Which one of the following is NOT TRUE?
8. Which of the following is NOT a statistical approach in identifying critical X’s?
9. All the following are graphical tools, EXCEPT
10. Which of the following will help generate a list of potential causes?
11. Pareto will only list issues which have occurred in the past, while FMEA will also list potential failures that have no history of occurrence. This makes the former a ______tool.
12. If alpha is 0.05, then significance level is
13. PFMEA stands for
14. Which of the following statements about Scatter plot is TRUE?
15. XYZ company wants to know whether the proportion of customers opening an e-mail increases if the customer’s name is mentioned in the title. % mails opened with name in title is to be compared with % mails opened without name in the title. What is the appropriate test for the above objective?