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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Sample Paper: Measure

1. Which of the following statements is NOT true about Attribute Data:
2. Select the logical sequence of various steps followed in the Measure phase of a DMAIC project.ew question!
3.  VOC- Room is too hot. If the temperature is more than 24, it will be hot and less than 18 will be too cold. Why can we not keep it at 21? What is the LSL, USL and the Target?
4. Select the correct statement while considering AAA:
5. The pull down menu for AAA in Minitab is
6. In context of Measurement System Analysis, which of the following statements is NOT true:
7.  In an inspection of 200 projectors, 5 defects are found in 3 projectors and remaining projectors have no defects. What is the DPU and Zlt?
8. Which of the following statements about the Process Capability and performance Indices is NOT true:
9. A dye manufactures 10mm diameter bolts. If the bolt dimensions are more than +/- 0.01mm, they do not fit. The standard deviation measured is 0.05 and the mean is 10mm. What is the Sigma Level (zlt)?
10. Considering the various Sigma Level calculations, arrange in the most plausible ascending order:
11. A quality team does visual inspection for scratches on the phone screen. If there is a scratch, the phone is deemed as defective. What is the best method to be used to calculate current performance level:
12. What is the Rolled Throughput Yield for the following process – 100 candidates apply for a job, out of which 75 clear the written test. Out of the 75, 50 clear the interview, all 50 are given the job offer. 35 candidates join.
13. Which of the following elements describe Operational Definition:

  1. It ensures common, clear and consistent understanding of a measure

  2. It provides an air tight definition of a variable

  3. It translates general understanding of a variable to specific

  4. It helps impress the stakeholders

14. Interpret the outcome for Attribute Agreement Analysis performed on Ordinal Data Set. Assume that there is no standard score.
15. Interpret the results for Gage R&R from the outcome on the sessions window:
16. Using the provided information, calculate the Sigma Level to be communicated to the customer of a process. The USL is 24, LSL is 18, Mean is 21 and Standard Deviation is 2.0
17. Select the statement that is NOT TRUE for short term and long term performance:
18. 500 projectors were inspected for 5 characteristics each. 150 defects were observed. What is the estimated short term sigma level?
19. Using defectives data, the average yield of a process is 95%, calculate the long term Z value:
20. Cpk=0 means
21. Estimate the sigma level for a process which has Specification Width twice as much as the Process Width
22. Which of the following statements about NOT NORMAL data is true:
23. Which of the following statements is NOT True about Measurement System Analysis
24. Which of the following is not an objective of the Measure phase:
25. Attribute Agreement Analysis is:
26. Which of the following statements is NOT true:
27. In order to basket each ball, the player’s throw must be
28. If a weighing scale shows correct weight between the 0-30kgs range, but shows an error of 5kgs in the 30-100kg range, what kind of Gage Error is it?
29. If all appraisers agree with each other but do not agree with the standard, what is the possible action:
30. Instead of using the approximation of 1.5 shift, Z shift can be computed for the following type of data:
31. If Pp=1.5 and Ppk=0.5, which of the following statements is True:
32.  If it is not practical or required to do Measurement System Analysis in industries such as contact centers, which tool will you use to validate the measurement system:
33. Which of the following is not a deliverable of Measure phase?
34. Which of the following will use Crossed Design for Continuous Gage R&R Assessment:
35. Which of the following statements is NOT true:
36. The average turnaround time for resolving a problem ticket is 10 days and standard deviation is 1 day. What is the probability that we will be able to resolve a problem within 11 days? (Assume data follows normal distribution)
37.  For ordinal data, which of the following will indicate the degree of alignment between different operators/assessors: