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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Sample Paper: Improve

1. Which of the following statement is True for a Resolution III design?
2. In developing a statistically significant model using Design of Experiments, the Pareto of Standardized Effects is as shown in the figure below. In which order will you remove the statistically insignificant terms?
3. Five meat softeners are to be tested in a cooking experiment to be completed in a short time. Five different heat settings and five different chefs are considered as noise factors. Which of the following is the most effective tool to be used in this case?
4. Which of the following is NOT a deliverable of Improve Phase?
5. A factor 5 design with 8 runs is a ____________
6. What is the number of replications required to run a full factorial design with a power of 90%, if there are 3 factors and 2 levels? Assume the difference to be detected is 0.5 and standard deviation is 0.25
7. The figure below shows the interaction plot indicating the impact of Speed of Service and Quality on the outcome “Satisfaction”. What can be said about the interaction between the two inputs?
8. Which of the following is an advantage of running a pilot?
9. Which of the following tool helps compare an existing solution with alternative solutions?
10. Which of the following tool offers an advantage of a person pointing out negatives of a solution without getting criticized?
11. Which of the following tool CANNOT be used to validate if the pilot was successful?
12. Which of the following tool uses expert opinion via carefully designed questionnaires and does not require face to face interaction?
13. If there are 3 factors and 2 levels to each factor, what is the the total number of experiments required?
14. Which of the statement is correct basis the figure given below?