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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Sample Paper: Control

1. Door Ajar warning in a car and wipers of a car switching on when it rains are examples of which type of Mistake Proofing techniques respectively
2. Which is the most preferred method of ensuring process control:
3.  Which of the following are a part of the project hand off meeting to the Process Owner:
4. Control charts show:
5. A stable process has only common cause variation. A control chart depicts non-random variation via:

  1. Points lying outside the control limits

  2. Points lying outside the specification limits

  3. Sudden shifts in averages

  4. Wide swings

6. 5 phones are checked from every production lot and are categorized as defective or non-defective. Which control chart will you use to analyse that the process is in control
7. Select the advantage of using X Bar S chart over X Bar R chart:
8. Choose the INCORRECT statement:
9. A Team Leader performs random spot checks on the order forms completed by his team members and counts the number of defects per form. He completes as many checks every day as his schedule allows. Which control chart can be used to assess whether the process is in control:
10. One of the way of indicating the presence of a special cause is on a control chart is if 2 out of ____ points are more than 2 standard deviations away from the center line (on the same side)
11. Which of the following activity is NOT done post plotting a control chart:
12. Which if the following indicate the purpose of putting a control plan in place:

  1. Determine the plan to maintain the Xs

  2. Ensure that the process is well documented

  3. Outline corrective actions

  4. Ensure communication and training to the people who run the process

13. Documenting of solutions, benefits and lessons learnt serves what purpose:
14.  Communication of project recommendations must try to include the following form/s of delivery:
15. In control phase, to ensure sustenance of improved performance, ongoing evaluation includes
16.  At the end of the project, financials are validated by ______ and the process is handed over to the __________
17.  The financial benefits computed at the end of the project must
18.  Which of the following is NOT a part of the Control phase?
19. On a factory floor, display of total number of units produced vs the daily target is an example of:
20.  Which of the following is NOT a tool that can be used to keep the process in control:
21. The resource whose role description indicates that they are responsible for taking over a project after project completion is:
22. Which of the following is a test for special cause in c chart: