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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Sample Paper 2: Control

1. Control charts help us in all the following, EXCEPT:
2. A control plan should have
3. A control chart that does not have any out-of-control condition is considered___________, and the process is operating in a state of __________.
4. The project closure and benefit realization needs to be signed off by:
5. With respect to control charts, one of the following is not correctly matched
6. What is plotted in case of p-chart
7. Which of the following is not a question in the Control phase tollgate review?
8. Control limits of which charts often appear ragged?
9. In which of the following charts will the Lower control limit (LCL) not be artificially set to zero, if the calculation of LCL gives a negative value
10. Which of following is a “living” document
11. One of following is an example of Poka yoke with high mistake proofing power?
12. What is plotted in U-chart
13. For variable control charts:
14. In Poka Yoke_______________
15. The correct sequence of activities in a reaction plan is:
16. For a process in control, the theoretical probability that a single point on the X-bar chart will fall between the mean and plus one sigma is
17. Visual controls cab be
18. One of the following is not a test for special cause in C chart
19. In a np-chart
20. All the statements below are true about X-bar and S chart, EXCEPT:
21. Difference between p-chart and np-chart is
22. Calls abandoned daily are monitored. An appropriate control chart will be
23. A _________is sometimes used in place of a control chart or until enough data are collected to construct a control chart.
24. Towards the final stages of the LSS project it is important to prepare the lessons learned document because;