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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Sample Paper: Background

1. What does Six Sigma methodology focus on?
2. Choose the correct statement – The number of standard deviations that fit between the mean and the specification limits________
3. Which if the following statements in NOT True
4. Which of the following is not a Design Methodology?
5. A DMAIC project is usually initiated when
6. Who is credited as the father of Six Sigma
7. A view of Balanced Scorecard can help:

i). Provide a view of lagging indicators only
ii). Choose a project that is critical to the organization
iii). Understand the strategy of a company
iv). Understand which metrics are trending Red
8. The 8th waste in Lean is
9. Hiring process in an organization needs a hiring supervisor to send an approval email with an excel attachment for approvals from 3 levels up. Post the email approval, the hiring supervisor creates the hiring request on an online recruitment portal and requires approval from the same 3 levels up. This is an example of:
10. Which of the following statements is NOT true for a perfect normal distribution?
11. Authorizing a Project, Allocating Resources, Acting as Process Owner till one is named are tasks aligned to which role:
12. The _____________ is responsible for overall Six Sigma program within the company, removes roadblocks and has the responsibility for project closure
13. Keeping items in their place for easy access and retrieval related to which S in the 5S tool:
14. A tool that requires minimal investment, involves making small improvements on a continual basis is:
15. Getting every 15th airline passenger checking in to fill in a survey is an example of:
16. Which if the following is NOT a part of the “Perform” stage as it relates to the 4 stages of Team Management:
17. Mobilizing an army of key leaders and managers who can overcome all hurdles and are respected by all in the organization, relates to which step of John Kotter’s 8 step change management plan:
18. Which of the following is not a technique of keeping team members motivated throughout the DMAIC sequence:
19. Teams that are characterized by fighting between different team members are called:
20. Every team goes through 4 stages from formation to dismissal. Select the correct sequence:
21. When a radical transformation in a process is required, the following methodology is usually preferred:
22. The desirable performance for all processes is
23. As per the classic definition, ____________ focuses on defect reduction, whereas ___________ focuses on reduction of waste.
24. The main reason/s of drawing a sample rather than working with population data is/are:
25. Which of the following statements is correct about Continuous and Attribute Data
26. For the following data set, which measure of central tendency will you prefer using: 2, 2, 3, 6, 7, 7, 8, 93
27. If the variance of a data set is 25 and the range is 9, what is the standard deviation
28. Which of the following measures of spread considers each data point:
29. Which of the following is the most critical factor in dealing with organizational obstacles:
30. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of measure of spread of data:
31. In a perfect normal distribution, which of the following is true:
32. Which of the following equations represent the estimated relationship between ZLT and ZST :
33. Which of the following are examples of continuous data:

I. Height of women
II. Call Resolution Time in a Contact Center
III. Number of Scratches on the screen of a mobile phone
IV. Pass/Fail based on completeness of form
34. Which is the following is NOT Critical Path Method uses Activity Network Diagram in order to identify:
35. Choose the correct statement: