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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Sample Paper 2: Analyze

1. Fishbone diagrams cluster problems into categories. Which of the following is NOT normally used as a category?
2. A team’s goal is to improve information flow in a payroll function. They make 25 Post-It notes, each listing an issue for further investigation. After some discussion, they group them into four categories: mandated record keeping, privacy concerns, insurance concerns, and transfer concerns. This grouping process is best described by which approach to problem solving?
3. A Six Sigma team has been formed to improve an existing process. Which of the following tools should the team use to determine all the potential pitfalls and the actual defects that might occur?
4. Non-parametric statistical methods are preferred when ______________
5. Which of the following statement is true?
6. Amool Milk Powder is sold in packets with an advertised mean weight of 500 gm. The standard deviation is known to be 20 grams. The weight data follows normal distribution. A consumer group wishes to check the accuracy of the advertised mean and takes a sample of 60 packets finding an average weight of 490 g. Which hypothesis test can they deploy?
7. A financial services institution wants to determine if their average loan processing time differs from a competitor’s claim of 5 hours. The analyst randomly selects 20 loan applications from the past 1 month and calculates the time between loan initiation and notification to customer about the institution’s decision. (Assume that the processing time data follows normal distribution). Which hypothesis test can be deployed?
8. The Quality Assurance department at a call center wants to compare the call times on incoming calls for two teams. For each team, 300 incoming calls are timed. What hypothesis test can be used to determine whether the teams differ in their call time variation and call time means respectively?
9. The customer support team claims that it typically takes about 2 days to respond to a ticket. The team recorded the response time for 100 similar issue tickets and checked for normality. The data was not normal. What hypothesis test can be used to validate the claim?
10. A research and development lab wanted to check the effectiveness of three types of fabric stain removers (A, B & C). They recorded the time required for 50 samples for each of the stain removers. What hypothesis test can the research team consider to understand if one of the products is better than the others? (The time required to remove stains follows normal distribution)
11. A production manager would like to know whether there is an association between the shift (1/2/3) and the machine used (1 vs 2) with respect to defective items produced. An appropriate hypothesis test would be?
12. With respect to Pearson’s correlation coefficient, which of the following is NOT true?
13. Which of the following hypothesis test CANNOT be used to compare pre and post improvement performances?
14. What is the alternate hypothesis for Kruskal-Wallis test?
15. The Alternate Hypothesis usually represents ____________
16. If the correlation coefficient is 0.9, what is the percentage of variation in Y that is explained by variation in X?
17. We have marketing data that contains the impact of three advertising medias (facebook, youtube and instagram) on sales. What approach can be used for predicting sales revenue from the budget invested in the three advertising medias?
18. What is the best tool to understand the relationship between call time (continuous variable) and response (Yes/No) to the question “Are you satisfied with the resolution?”?
19. A physiologist wants to determine whether a particular treatment has an effect on resting heart rate. The heart rates of 25 randomly selected people were measured. The people were then put on the treatment and measured again 6 months later. If the data follows normal distribution which is an appropriate test to compare the before and after treatment conditions?
20. When the market price of gold is high, so is the market price of silver indicating a strong correlation between the two. Which of the following statement is the best take away from this example?
21. Which of the following statements is NOT false?
22. An economist wants to determine whether the monthly energy cost for families has increased from the previous year’s average of $50. An increase of at least $5 is considered meaningful and the estimated standard deviation is $3. To detect a difference of 5 with a power of 0.9, the economist needs to collect a sample of _______ observations for the 1-sample t-test.
23. If the p-value is less than the significance level, then _________
24. Rework, over-production, inventory, and motion are all examples of __________
25. What is the probability of finding a real difference if beta=10%?