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Video of our participant from Retail Industry


Feedback of some of our participants from Retail Industry


Right for anyone interested in the process to arrive at right results the first time.
– Kartick B R, Senior Manager, Reliance Retail Ltd.

The program is excellent even for a new learner who doesn’t know anything about six sigma or statistics. I understand after passing the exam, everyone will be at same level. It relates to various real life situations so that any individual can understand the same.
– Tushar Chaudhari, Deputy Manager, Reliance Retail Ltd.

I found people from different back grounds, joining the course, that gives you an opportunity to understand issues across the industry and identify the similar patterns to solve the problems. The teaching methodology is so simple and structured that you easily understand even the most difficult Six Sigma Concepts. Every time you use the structured way of doing the things, your belief in ” Setting the causes right, to get the right results” increases, which in itself is the philosophy of six sigma. This strengthens the belief – Six Sigma tools and techniques are universally applicable. 
– Tushar Chaudhari, Manager, Reliance Retail Ltd.

The sessions were extremely interactive. Lots of brainstorming happened. Statistical analysis was made very simple with high-tech presentation with high precision of the highly competent trainer.
– Jay Prakash Kakade, Sr. Executive, Pantaloon Retail(I) Ltd.

The hypothesis was the best part of the training.I would look for more data intensive exercises in order to achieve better understanding.
– Mudit Chaturvedi, Manager- Operations, Spencer’s Retail.

I appreciate the way the instructor conducted the training in 4 days with practical examples for the participants to understand it in a better way.
– Balasubramanian.Sk, Deputy General Manager, Aditya Birla Retail Limited.

It is an effective practical training which helps any serious participant to develop and manage things better.
– Jai Banerjee, Consultant- Strategy & Process, V Mart Retail Ltd.

Benchmark six sigma provides with a smart approach towards the curriculum making the candidates confident to apply the same in the required areas.
– Amit Mehra, Store Manager, Reliance Footwear retail.

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