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Lean Six Sigma In HR

Zareena is a part of the Talent Acquisition team in ACS, a xerox company. She says, she is very fortunate to have been exposed to Six Sigma tools right at the start of her career. There is a common opinion that when one obtains a Six Sigma certification, then he/she is interested in a career in quality which need not be true in all cases. Six Sigma opens doors to a lot of opportunities. She says, it gives one an edge in that, one can plan better, possess better problem solving abilities, make data driven decisions and prioritize work. Whenever there is a problem, it is always better when someone within the organization works on it rather than outsourcing it to another consultancy. Especially in the HR department, where one deals with a lot of sensitive and confidential data, functional black belts are highly important. Core area where people in the HR department can concentrate on would be recruitment efficiency, reduce the time to fill a position, attrition analysis, hiring trends by different SBU’s and competency mapping. She plans to involve more people in Six Sigma learning so that they can come together to form a problem solving team where they can talk the common Six Sigma language.