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Lean Six Sigma In Aerospace – Nikhil Lobo

Nikhil Lobo works for Airbus Fuselage Design Centre India. He says, with the ever increasing numbers of aircrafts that need to be maintained and serviced, Six Sigma can play a very important role in aircraft processes. There is an immediate need to improve lead time, first time right and on time delivery. Six Sigma offers a designed model which caters to every phase of process improvement. In the define phase, he says, we can capture the customer requirements using a variety of tools like project charter, quality function deployment, voice of customer, voice of business, prioritization matrices and cause and effect matrix. Keeping in mind the customer needs, we can analyze the processes which contribute in x’s, using tools like gage R&R, attribute R&R and cause and effect diagrams. In the analyse phase, using tools like one sample z, one sample t, Patte test, one proportion test and chi square, we can find out the vital x’s which contribute to our process. We can then improve our process by controlling the x’s using design of experiments, brainstorming and normal group techniques. We can also monitor and control the improved process by using control charts. He adds that in the aerospace industry, one encounters large amounts of data which can be effectively managed using Six Sigma.