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Vishwadeep Khatri
Founder and CEO
Benchmark Six Sigma

Greetings and a warm welcome!

I’m Vishwadeep Khatri, the pioneer and driving force behind Benchmark Six Sigma. Since our inception in 2001, we’ve been at the forefront of Lean Six Sigma training, pioneering the first Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt programs in India. I am here to walk you through why Benchmark Six Sigma stands out as your best choice for professional advancement.

I understand that when exploring Lean Six Sigma training for yourself, you are keen to understand the value of the certification. Here are three critical aspects that you may like to explore.

The Exclusive Benefits of Benchmark Six Sigma: A Closer Look

Begin your path to success with us. Benefit from our ongoing support and guidance tailored for your career growth.

Comprehensive Support and Career Advancement Awaits

1. Support After Training: Continuous Growth Beyond Certification Our support extends past certification, providing continuous learning through quizzes, contests, and an active community. Timely Success: For instance, Pratik Gawande, after completing his Black Belt in November 2022, quickly leveraged our post-training support, securing job offers from prestigious companies like Atlas Copco, Mahindra Logistics, Kotak Life Insurance and Infosys BPM shortly thereafter.

2. Certification Projects: Practical Experience, Real-World Impact We offer real-world projects to bridge the gap between theory and practice, ensuring you’re prepared to apply Lean Six Sigma effectively. Career Milestone: Kush Singh‘s journey showcases this perfectly. After completing his LSSBB in November 2022, he rapidly advanced his career, transitioning to an Assistant Vice President role at HSBC by April 2023, reflecting the direct application and benefit of our hands-on project experience.

3. Proven Success: Join Our Legacy of Achievement With over 1350 Master Black Belts and 9500 Black Belts certified, we have a solid history of fostering professional success across various sectors. Accelerated Progress: Rohan Shetty‘s story illustrates our impact; after earning his Black Belt in July 2023, he was promptly promoted to Assistant Vice President at Citi TTS Technology by January 2024, underscoring the significant career advancements facilitated by our certification.

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Distinctive Advantages of joining our program

4. Cross-Industry Expertise: Universal Relevance and Impact We tailor our training to fit diverse industries, drawing from a vast pool of examples and case studies. Industry-Leading Transition: Echo Sengupta’s story speaks volumes; after completing her Black Belt in May 2023, she quickly ascended to the role of Head of Business Development and Operations at The Gamification Company by August 2023, exemplifying the adaptability and effectiveness of our training across various sectors.

5. Foundations for Holistic Business Excellence: Building Your Future Our Black Belt program serves as the cornerstone for extensive Lean Six Sigma proficiency, setting the stage for advanced mastery and business innovation. Strategic Advancement: Maulik Doshi’s progress is a testament to our structured pathway; after obtaining his Black Belt in November 2017 and pursuing an MBB by May 2019, he successfully stepped into the role of Managing Director at Unifoam Group by October 2019, showcasing the long-term value and effectiveness of our comprehensive training approach.

6. Connect, Learn, and Grow: Engage with Our Dynamic Community Join our vibrant online community of over 55,000 members for continuous learning and exceptional networking opportunities. Community to Leadership: Abhay Srivastava leveraged this network effectively; after completing his Black Belt in June 2021, he transitioned into a significant leadership role, becoming the President of Operations at Mankind Pharma, highlighting the direct impact of our supportive learning environment on career advancement.

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Unmatched Expertise and Quality

7. Industry-Leading Content: Pioneering Lean Six Sigma Training Being the first in India to offer extensive Lean Six Sigma programs, our curriculum is crafted from years of expertise and leadership in the field, promising real success. Career Transformation: Witness Manisha Roy’s journey, who after obtaining her Black Belt certification on 11th December 2022, seamlessly transitioned from a Digital Marketing Research Lead at Google Operations Centre to a Supply Chain Project Lead at Tata Consultancy Services by May 2023, showcasing the direct applicability and impact of our industry-leading content.

8. Unique Teaching Excellence: Where Quality Meets Impact Our training programs, with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5, stand as a testament to our dedication to delivering high-quality, transformative learning experiences. Leadership Ascension: Consider the story of Manoranjan, who after his Black Belt certification, not only excelled as the VP of Operations at Vikram Solar but also took on a larger role as VP of Operations at ReNew Power, underscoring the profound impact of our unique teaching methods on professional growth.

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9. Record-breaking Leadership: Leading with Excellence in Lean Six Sigma

As the record holder for conducting the most Master Black Belt (MBB) batches, our leadership in Lean Six Sigma education stands unparalleled, offering you top-tier instruction and the ability to lead with distinction. Global Success Story: Surbhi Monga’s professional journey showcases the international reach and effectiveness of our training. Beginning her journey with a Green Belt and progressing through to her MBB, Surbhi transitioned from Lovely Professional University into prominent roles in the corporate world. Her series of transformational roles have culminated in her current position as Managing Director at Morgan Stanley in London.

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Excellence in Global Learning and Engagement

10. Leading in Worldwide Learning: Unlock Global Opportunities Experience the global recognition of our certifications, accredited by Exemplar Global and connected to the ASQ network. Begin a journey where your qualifications pave the way for international career opportunities. Global Success Story: Witness Rupinder Narang’s remarkable progression from Master Black Belt with Benchmark Six Sigma to his current role as Senior Director of Quality at TaskUs in Buford, USA, illustrating the worldwide respect and opportunities afforded by our certifications.

11. Trusted by Many: Join a Prestigious Professional Network Become part of an elite community, with professionals from industry giants like Google, Amazon, and Boeing. Our network, enriched by clients from over 75 Fortune 500 companies, not only strengthens your professional connections but also opens doors to global career opportunities. Global Career Leap: After completing his Black Belt, Javed Ansari advanced his career internationally, securing the position of VP Engineering at HSBC Technology and Services in Buffalo, New York, USA, demonstrating the trust and esteem our alumni command worldwide.

12. Flexible and Interactive Online Learning: Learn, Succeed, and Lead Our sophisticated online training mimics the engagement of live workshops, complete with online assessments providing two chances to succeed in the Black Belt evaluation. Career Advancement Post-Certification: Chai Shih Wei’s journey post his Black Belt training in June 2023 stands as testimony; he was appointed as Assistant Director, Head of PMO for Synapxe in Singapore by July 2023, showcasing the immediate applicability and career advancement facilitated by our flexible and interactive online learning environment.

Benchmark Six Sigma stands as the pioneer of Lean Six Sigma programs in India and globally, holding the prestigious world record for the highest number of Master Black Belt batches conducted. Our expansive reach extends across five continents, providing elite coaching and transformative solutions to global and national industry leaders across fifty distinct sectors.