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Hello, I’m Vishwadeep Khatri,
the Founder and CEO of
Benchmark Six Sigma. Let’s
embark on your growth
journey together

Welcome to Benchmark Six Sigma, where your career transformation begins. Discover how our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training can open new doors for you, just as it has for thousands of professionals. Your path to success awaits.

Define Your Future: Select your objective below and unveil success stories tailored to your ambitions. Begin navigating your personalized path to professional excellence with Benchmark Six Sigma.

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Achieving Rapid Career Progression

Pointing you to success! Let me share with you not one, but two inspiring tales of meteoric career climbs following our Green Belt certification.

Maulik Doshi: Achieved rapid ascension to Managing Director of Unifoam Limited through his progression from Green Belt to Master Black Belt at Benchmark Six Sigma. Read more..

Mohd Asif: After Green Belt certification and moving through TQM and Black Belt, Asif became a Master Black Belt at Deloitte Consulting, marking a significant leap in his career. Read more..

Personalized and Flexible Learning Pathways

Charting unique paths to success! Join me as I unveil two remarkable journeys that turned the flexibility of our Green Belt program into personalized roadmaps to achievement. Buckle up for your custom route to excellence

Vibhu Gaur: Transformed his career break into a stepping stone, progressing from IT Project Coordinator to Operations Project Manager after his Green Belt certification. Read more..

Gopinath: Gopinath's career advancement to Senior Vice President at Temenos showcases the impact of a personalized and flexible learning pathway following his Green Belt certification Read more..

Leadership and Management Skills Enhancement

Discover how our Green Belt program can elevate your leadership game. I'll walk you through two greaat stories of skill transformation. Ready for the journey?

Kapil Anand: Kapil Anand's journey from Deputy Manager to Senior GM at Johnson Controls, following his Green Belt in 2017 and Black Belt in 2019, showcases the transformative effect of Lean Six Sigma on leadership and management skill enhancement. Read more..

Surbhi Monga: Leveraged her Green Belt and subsequent Black Belt and Master Black Belt to transition from academia to corporate, culminating in a Managing Director role at Morgan Stanley. Read more..

Global Career Mobility and Recognition

Grab the globe and a trophy to match! Join me as we look at two success sagas where our Green Belt program launched careers across borders. It's your turn to be world-class!

Akshay Deshpande: Progressed from a Desk Clerk to a Technical Program Manager at Google, with a Green Belt serving as a pivotal milestone in his global career trajectory. Read more..

Fred Nafe: Experienced substantial career growth post-Green Belt, achieving positions as Plant Head in the US, and is currently the Plant Director at Concentric AB. Read more..

Driving Innovation and Operational Excellence

Lightbulb moments and success on the efficiency front! Check out two shining examples of how our Green Belt course sparks innovation and smooths the path to operational excellence. Get inspired to flip the switch on your own potential!

Rajiv Nair: Utilized his Green Belt to enter a Centre of Excellence, progressing to roles in service improvement and corporate quality across esteemed firms. Read more..

Aamir Hussain: Went from Green Belt to Lead Professional in Process Excellence at Vestas, with a Black Belt in between, enhancing operational excellence at each step. Read more..

Transition to Strategic Roles

Strategic moves aren’t just for chess! Dive into two success stories where our Green Belt achievers made the master move into strategic roles. Are you ready to play your next big move?

Satish Kumar Gunturu: Transitioned from Business Head to Vice President of a pioneering plastic recycling company, aligning strategic leadership with environmental stewardship post-Green Belt. Read more..

Vikas Choudhary: At 24, Vikas Choudhary's rapid career advancement through Lean Six Sigma training at Benchmark—culminating in a Master Black Belt in April 2023—led to significant job offers and salary hikes, showcasing his parity with IIM professionals in earnings and industry recognition. Read more..

Benchmark Six Sigma stands as the pioneer of Lean Six Sigma programs in India and globally, holding the prestigious world record for the highest number of Master Black Belt batches conducted. Our expansive reach extends across five continents, providing elite coaching and transformative solutions to global and national industry leaders across fifty distinct sectors.