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Lean Six Sigma In Microelectronics: Tiina Liisa

Tiina Liisa works in the quality department of an electronics company. She has been in various roles like Quality Engineer, Senior Quality Engineer, Process Improvement Manager and now as a Field Quality Manager. She has been a part of several process improvement, process definition, process interface, and quality system projects. She is familiar with quality tools like FMEA, DOE, and SPC. All these tools, she feels are slightly detached from each other and are used independently for specific purposes. Very often, while starting a project, there is a tendency to look at the big picture which might lead to a lack of focus. This was the primary reason she took up Six Sigma. The secondary reason being that Six Sigma helps to easily get the attention of the management. So, she took the green belt certification program from Benchmark Six Sigma and found it to be very enlightening. She learnt that Six Sigma improves focus and promotes a systematic approach. She was fascinated with the extensive use of statistical tools and hypothesis testing. She then decided to undertake the lean certification also, to enhance her knowledge and get a deeper understanding of the various tools that Lean Program offers.