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Lean Six Sigma In New Product Development – Prem

Prem is currently working with Pentair, after having worked with companies like GE, Tyco and Honeywell. He has over 15 years of experience. He started his career with GE as a Product Developer where, right from the design of the product to its marketing he has worked on complete product lifecycles. He currently trains black belts in his organization. He started his Six Sigma training by finding the critical x’s in a product, creating a transfer function for the design problem, performing the simulation, running DOE’s and finding the optimal solution by going through the various phases systematically. During that time, he found it challenging to convince his group to bring changes in a product. From a DMAIC perspective, the root cause was found out and the problem was addressed with a quick fix and a long term fix. The long term fix eventually became a DMADV program where he was able to utilize almost all the concepts of Six Sigma. He has undergone his lean Six Sigma certification and DMADV training. Six Sigma, he says, has helped take his career to the next level as a Master Quality Leader, where he identifies the root cause of the problem and arrives the required optimal solution.