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Lean Six Sigma In Healthcare – Abdul Manzoor Mohammed

Abdur Manzoor Mohamed works in the healthcare industry for more than 15 years. He started his career in 1996 as a laboratory technician and completed BSC in biochemistry soon after that. His experience with six sigma approach to quality improvement started when he started working in the laboratory. The leaders who were helping him gave him the idea of the importance of doing the right thing at the right time. They also emphasized on customer satisfaction. It gave him a good idea about what is quality and what satisfies customers. He moved to UAE, worked in different sectors with different accreditation and standards. As a biochemist walking in the laboratory gave him an idea of how statistics improve performance in the lab.

Then he started using statistical tools in quality improvement and process control. He did masters in quality management from Dubai. It gave him a brief idea about quality. Later, he became a quality manager in the laboratory. He did MBA which gave him administrative ideas. He is now a senior quality manager in public hospitals. Now he does performance improvement, risk management, incident management, patient safety, patient control, EHSMS, Audits, EFKM assessor. He did EFKM assessment in Dubai quality awards & excellence awards. He manages compliance as well. These are the things which helped him to see quality from the process improvement perspectives. They have established 350 KPI across the organization. Before KPI was made by collecting the data, analyzing it & configuration. But lately, they introduced lean six sigma methodology. That was the introduction to the lean process in the organization. They signed out 250 KPIs at a satisfactory level. Now he is managing 150 KPI with lean & DMAIC concepts. Also, he has 20 different cross functional teams including 20 committees, he is a leader and member for some committees.

He says that he got a really wonderful session at Benchmark Six Sigma.