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 Training Feedback By Participants from 


This Six Sigma Black Belt course will provide you a comprehensive walk-through of all DMAIC phases. The course content has very lucid and detailed steps on every Six Sigma concept. With exceptionally good training skills from the instructor and his innovative use of technology during training, makes this the best among all training providers!!

Santosh Solomon. A, Project Manager, ANZ Technology

This Six sigma green belt certification program gives big hope to me to enhance my carrier to level and meet the global standards.

K.Veeramanikandan, Senior Engineer, NEC India Pvt Ltd

The trainer is an excellent. He is a reservoir of knowledge. He makes the session extremely helpful with his cross functional industry exposure.

Sahil Anand, Executive Assistant, Team Computers

Course material and use of Minitab. The learning has been immense.

Mahadevan, Program Manager- Audit & Quality, Amazon Development Center

One of the best training program I have ever attended. Just waiting to get back to work and implement some of the skills I have learnt and make a difference.

Hareesh Narakkat Kumar, Sr.Analyst, AOL.

I have personally enjoyed the 4-day training. The concepts and principles have been touched upon very well and have given me the confidence now to go ahead with a GB project.

Adrian Wright, Operations Manger, Telstra.

The trainer and the training materials were superb.

Pradeep Varadarajan, Trainer and Content Developer, Ixia Technologies.

Six Sigma is a powerful tool for the people who are looking for good results in any type of industry.

Manjunath GR, Manager, Atria Convergenc technologies Ltd.

It was really very informative and all the concepts were cleared with the help of good examples. Minitab exercises also helped a lot.

Lubna Mojawala, Associate Quality Specialist, Navteq India.

By looking at the current Market to Speed it is really important to have Benchmark Six Sigma with us.

Vinayak Tukaram Patil, Project Leader, Navteq India.

It was an excellent 4 day course. Clears the fundamentals and builds up the complete picture of how to use Six Sigma in a project from a Green Belt perspective. Very well balanced. A huge amount of take away from the course.

Tanushree Gupta, IT Process & Performance Lead, Agilent Technologies.

It was a well-designed course content that kept me busy for all the 4 days.

Badhrinath Kidambi, Co-Founder, Perspecte Solutions Pvt. Limited.

Instructor and course material are the best.

Ashok R. Sheguri, Director, Yahoo! Inc.

If you are not a mathematician and still want to be a Six Sigma consultant for improving processes, the benchmark is the institution who can get you familiar with the topic very conveniently.

Mahua Banerjee, Associate Manager, Siemens Technology and Services Pvt. Ltd.

I would definitely suggest benchmark to people who are interested in Six Sigma Certification.

RASHMI RUBY, HR Executive, Lattice Semiconductor

Benchmark Six Sigma allows you to easily interpret Lean Six Sigma tools in your respective organizations. The course content, as well as examples used in the training, are ‘real’ problems and scenarios faced by Organizations today.

Sedwin Sunny Vadukut, Program Manager, Adobe

The Course is very descriptive and easy to understand. Moreover, trainer keeps the classroom lively with his new creative examples

Mayur Mohan Gupta, Supervisor, Symantec Software Services (P) Ltd.

Excellent trainer with exceptional training skills and immense knowledge and expertise in lean and six sigma methodologies

Rahul Paul, Operations Analyst, Nokia Location and Commerce

Lean Six Sigma Preparatory Module (Pre-Course), Practice Projects, Presentation and other Teaching Aids (e.g. Minitab workbook data) were very helpful.

Chandrakala Palam, Symantec Software India Pvt. Ltd

The course was a very fantastic program and especially the trainer.

Saranya.R, Supervisor – Quality & Training, ACS.

The explanation on DMAIC along with usage of tools and methods at each of the steps was amazing. Very effective and simple way to get acquainted with Six Sigma concepts and methodology.

Alain Comparet, CEO, Schneider Electric.

The instructing style and knowledge of the instructor were very effective.

Abhijeet Ramesh Bhatt, Supply Chain Program Manager, Cisco Systems India Pvt Ltd.

This course is very good for those who are totally new to six sigma concept. I didn’t have any previous knowledge of Six Sigma but I could very well grasp what was being taught here. Very interactive and good course.

Kaweri,Business Analyst, Infosys.

Presentation and quality of course were the best. “Bridge the learning gap, Define the growth path”.

Pavankumar Koutrapu: Geographic Technician, Navteq India.

It’s a quick and easily graspable course which will really help anyone to apply six sigma concepts to increase efficiency of business process. This training not only focuses on the theory but through many workshops and exercises it will dig the concepts in your brain. It also has real time data on which the participants work on which further increases the understanding of the concept.

Anshuman Biswal, Software Engineer, Motorola.

I liked the course details of the training.The teaching method of the trainer was really good.

Balaraju Anthony, HR Transactions, Accenture.

The facilitator kept everyone involved throughout the workshop. Six Sigma involves statistics and most of us being from a non statistical background would have found it very difficult but the facilitator’s way of using real life scenarios to apply the various fundamentals made it really easy.It was one of the most entertaining and educative workshops that I have undergone in my work life. I feel enriched.

Khalid Nadim, Operations Co-ordinator, Google India Pvt. Ltd.

A very rigorous course delving deep into concepts. Worth every hour spent. I’m confident of applying the leanings to my day to day work (project management angle specifically)

Jyotsna Kumar, Manager, Google India Pvt Ltd

A Very good training program, effective learning methods.

Yashika Mathews, Business Analyst, Amdocs

Benchmark Six Sigma has wonderfully designed its course material and the package that covers the best fit in an industry” thank you so much.

Krishna Nebandas Jagnani, Manager, Biesse China

Wonderful case studies, examples by the trainer helped to understand the complex processes in a short time. The leanings from this workshop will help me in the longer run.

Prithwiraj Sengupta, Groupon Inc

Benchmark’s trainers are one of the best instructors/teachers I have come across till date – who mixes practical examples while teaching critical concepts.

Amartya Biswas, Deputy Manager, State Street Syntel Services

The good number of Question and Answer sessions and the following discussions helped a lot to understand the subject.

Krishna Kumar A.V., Deputy Manager – Quality, CSC India Pvt. Ltd

Concepts were clear and simple, easy to Understand and relate it to our Working Methodologies.

B M VENKATESH MURTHY, Additional General Manager, Yokogawa Inda Limited

Excellent coaching for Six Sigma certification training program by Benchmark Six Sigma.

M. Kandasamy, Executive Manager – Quality Assurance, Yokogawa India Limited

Benchmark’s Lean Six Sigma training workshop is the best In class training program.

Paras Sachdeva, Senior Project Lead, Ericsson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd.

It exceeds my expectations since it is to Identify, Evaluate and control the new process.

Saravana Kumar M, Operations Manager,

Very interesting and helpful session which can help you approach the problem faced at work differently and also provide you tools to solve them efficiently.

Satish Chugh, Senior Manager, Flipkart

Provides a clear road-map as to how a Black belt project can be identified and completed successfully.

Sylvia Packiam J, Assistant Quality Manager, Mobius knowledge Services

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course conducted by trainer of Benchmark Six Sigma is definitely a benchmark in terms of the elaborate manner in which each step and tool of the Six Sigma process were explained.

Anshuman Mishra, Strategist, Google India Pvt. Ltd.

Very informative and useful sessions and course. Thanks!

Anita RV Raj, Support Operations, Google India Pvt LTD

A comprehensive way of learning a vast topic.

Arpita Ray Chaudhuri, Assistant Quality & Training Manager, Utsav Fashion Pvt Ltd

Liked the overall content that has been used in the training.

Pravin Ramkrishna, Senior HR Executive, Hexaware Technologies.

Very best coaching and sincere tutor like Benchmark has, the institution will get reputation much higher.

R Krishnakumar, Team Lead, ISYX Technologies.

A very well structured course, exceptionally well delivered, interesting concepts with apt practical examples.


Had a Basic Knowledge about the Six Sigma and good training sessions. It helps to improve the standards of the company.

Ravi Kumar Yaram, Group Coordinator, Visionary RCM Infotech Pvt Ltd.

Example led course learning is the reason of great understanding of Lean Six Sigma.

Parmesh Mohaneshwaran, Quality Program Manager, Google.

Trainer is fantastic! He was definitely my favorite part about the course.

Jatin Gangwani, Quality Program Manager, Google India Pvt. Ltd.

Fetching the in-depth understanding about Six Sigma to the participants is something you can actually feel it during the training program.

Santhosh Kumar H, Process Analyst, Fidelity Business Services India Pvt Ltd

Training material plays very important role in the overall learning.

Shanthala L.S., Deputy General Manager, Yokogawa India Limited.

The teaching style was very supportive and the session was very interactive. The trainer was extremely encouraging.

Srinivas Patnana, Operations Manager, Amazon India.

Excellent course for understanding the concepts and tools involved in problem-solving.

Sumanth Pisipati, Area Manager, Amazon India.

The faculty was excellent, attention paid to all topic details until understood.

Aaliya Khan, Process Engineer, LSS, Cognizant Technology Services.

I really liked how the faculty made sure that the attendees were engaged in the training at all times, the training was interactive and it rarely got monotonous.

Veera Subramany, Senior Manager, Quality, Circor Flow Technologies

It was a very informative and interactive training session. Well-structured course with a lot of day-to-day examples and varieties of exercises to suit all types of industries.

Lokesh Anbalagan, DGM, Business Solutions, Cognizant Technology Solutions.

The material and training methodology both were excellent. The entire experience of the training was cherish-able.

Kalpana Dharmarajan, Sr. Customer Support, Quality, CSS Corp Pvt. Ltd.

The interactive nature of the Trainer and the examples chosen for explaining the topic in the course is excellent. Benchmark Six Sigma is the experts in Lean & Six Sigma.

Abdul Nazim, Quality Manager, BFSI, Tech Mahindra

Real-time experience in handling projects in Six Sigma process and understanding of examples conceptually using real-time industry examples.

Satya Mohan Vamsi Tatapudi, Senior Manager, Pharma Data Analytics, Excelra Knowledge Solutions

Not only did I learned Quality Management skills but also Business Management Skills from the Benchmark Six Sigma Training.

Krinadeep Billa, Senior Process Executive, Healthcare, Cognizant Technology Solutions.

Everything was up to mark. I learned how to solve case studies in real life scenarios which will help me implement six sigma concepts at work.

Ritu Panjwani, Senior Process Engineer, PMO, Rave Technologies – Northgate Public Services

The trainer has a deep understanding of concepts and Superb way of articulation of knowledge, statistical analysis topics, and systematic approach is taken to make the BB course very entertaining and fun.

Anoop Kaur Phul, Senior Consultant, Nihilent Technologies Limited

The Training plan was structured and very well presented – Gives you an opportunity to learn all aspects in a way it would be hard to forget.

Sudipto Shankar Basu, Director, Network Operations Centre, AITS Technology Services India Pvt. Ltd. (Amicus ITS)

It’s good learning session. The process and covered information is explained with examples.

Nilesh Yadav, Sr. Technical Specialist, DXC Technology

Way of explaining the concepts. Hoping to learn further levels in lean six sigma through you.

Giri Prasad Rao Tadela, Sr. Executive- HR & Immigration, Global Information Technology Inc.

I obviously recommend Benchmark to anybody because of handling the course curriculum through out four days.

Santosh Kumar, Assistant Manager, Clinical Operations, Shantha Biotechnics

Session was very interactive and terminology used was very understandable and simple.

S Kalyan Raman, Manager, Quality Operations and Business Improvement, Teletext India Ltd

The training has helped in creating a new perspective in looking at data and its implementation.

Harikrishnan P G, Assistant Manager Operations, Allianz Technology

Best in-class training in which the course is arranged in a well structured way that core concepts is made easy to understand.

Srijith Dharmarajan, Process & Capability Analyst, Channel Sales & Operation, HPE

Best designed course material, great teaching staffs, affordable price, hassle free enrollment, global certification – Benchmark is the one stop solution for all your needs related to Lean Six Sigma course.

Tanusmita Pal, Quality Analyst, Anupam Technologies

The course material, teaching methodology and training sessions were pretty exhaustive and the level of involvement of the trainer in the project was very helpful.

Nouman Khan, Graduate Engineering Trainee, Quality Assurance, Varroc Engineering

Benchmark excels in the delivery of Lean and Six sigma concepts. The clarity of understanding you get after you attend one of their sessions will itself speak volumes itself. From the arrangements made to the professionalism of the trainer has made me believe that this is the Go To” institute for anything that is related to Lean and Six Sigma. I’m glad that i was able to attend the GB Session. Will definitely come back for my BB and MBB.

Sufian Hussain, Sr. Quality, Transactional, Tech Mahindra

The best way to learn to the topics is by understanding the basics very well. The trainer made the foundation stronger and took us through the course very effectively which made us understand very easily.

M B Nithin, Operations Manager, Operations, Bottle Lab Technologies Pvt Ltd (SmartQ)

The training was really useful as both practical and theoretical knowledge was shared and conceptually understood.

Amrish Singh Raghav, Team Leader, Oberthur Technologies

Would recommend this training for anyone who is working on process improvements – it gives you very useful insight on how you can go about doing projects in a structured and effective way.

Bhavic Tukrel, Vendor Operations, Google

The trainer was extremely engaging. The examples were relevant to our work and also gave us a perspective of the industry standards as well as nuances of other industries. The quiz questions kept the interest and energy levels high during the training. The notes that were being made on the projector really helped gain a better understanding of the topics that could have otherwise been very theory heavy.

Sanjana Sridhar, Vendor Operations Lead, GCC Google Ads.

The session was amazing and there is so much that we can take back from it. The examples covered were very relevant to our field and helped us understand the course content even better.

Nandita Sethi, Vendor Operations Lead, gTech, Google

Thank you Benchmark. Great coaching skills and well imparted training for the GB. Keep enabling future leaders.

Santosh Kumar Nandi Duli, Senior Manager, Thermo-Fisher Scientific

The Six Sigma GB course is very informative and useful to solve many issues across the functions.The training session was very much interactive and fun to learn. The trainer skill sets are exceptional quality. Thank you benchmark six Sigma.

Arun Dev, Quality Executive, Achira Labs Pvt Ltd

Training delivery is excellent, topic covered is satisfactory.

Somsagar Karke, Assistant Manager Quality, Rockwell Industries Limited

Great training and an interactive experience with well versed trainer. Would definitely recommend others for the course and institution.

Varun Raj, Salzer Electronics, Engineer

The Lean Six Sigma Black belt training is very good. Practically covered the examples which can be followed in real life. The training from Benchmark was very professional. Thank you!

Senthil Murugan , AVP First Level Support, Thomson Reuters.

The training program is comprehensive covering all the required areas of the Six Sigma that we should be aware of, Trainers are very knowledgeable to give real life examples or situations at work environment which can be related, helps in easy understanding on the concepts. I had a good learning experience at Benchmark for Six Sigma Green belt and Black Belt.
Thank You !!

Vijaya C, DGM, Mercedes Benz R & D India

The overall training of Lean six sigma training is comprehensive. The content structure is excellent. The trainer cover the topic very well. Thank You!

Senthil Murugan Packiam, Shift Operations Manager, Thomson Reuters

World class delivery of Lean Six Sigma GB Certification training. I liked the trainer’s knowledge and his presentation style was amazing. Interest levels were maintained at high level throughout the session. The presentation methods used by Benchmark Six Sigma are innovative. Thank you !

Dipenkumar Champaklal Joshi, Senior Specialist, Atos Syntel

I loved the way the trainer explained the concepts. Benchmark Six Sigma is the right place to get your certification from in this field.

Rv Srinivasan, Quality Project Lead, Cognizant

GB training by Benchmark serves as a guidance for faster and quick analysis required for better performance at work.

Manmeet Khanna, Quality Analyst, Metaminds Technologies Private Limited

Benchmark provides a very good training with real life examples used as reference to entice trainees to understand concepts with a great amount of zeal and enthusiasm.

Yuvraj Singh, Senior Business Analyst, Cognizant

Kudos to the trainer, very knowledgeable person who made this training very interesting and interactive. Overall it was a great one.

Sanjeev Joshwa, Service Escalation Manager, HP

I particularly liked Measure and Analyze phase in the curriculum. The trainer was fantastic, professional and had good presentation skills.

Kumaran. S., Senior Executive, Rane TRW Steering Systems Pvt Ltd

Instructor & facilities are good. It was an Interactive session with the trainer, Benchmark is providing world class experience to get exposure in six sigma domain, I would definitely recommend this course to my staff.

Ashish Sharma, Sr. Operations Analyst, Corning Technologies India Private Limited

Simple, engaging and value for money training which not only help in know the course but also real life industry study which was provided by the trainer.

Franklin Gunaseelan, Sr. Sourcing Specialist, HERE Technologies

Benchmark’s training is well balanced with theory and practical.

Suman Mandal, Senior Key Account Manager, Radio City India

I think a wide variety of topics were covered in a detailed manner over the course of the training. I liked the balance between the theoretical and hands-on approach.

Dhananjay K, Spatial Data Specialist II, HERE Solutions Ind. Pvt. Ltd

“Great content and materials, the training and the trainer was good. Overall it was really good, the way it was conducted.”

– Fairoz Bahsa, Global Sourcing Manager, Xerox Technology Services

The workshop was good to attend and to learn Lean Six Sigma concepts. I found it quite helpful.

Srikanth S, Senior Analyst, Infor

Trainer’s method of delivery of the content was very nice. Appropriate examples were discussed throughout the training and all the queries were resolved by the trainer.

Indradip Laha, Business Analyst, Vmware

The way the whole course was conducted, explained and the study materials provided are appreciable.

Fairoz Basha, Global Sourcing Manager, Xerox Technology Services India

Training techniques, sound knowledge of the instuctor, course material and the topics explained by the instructor were few things in really liked. Attending the LSSGB session and gaining knowledge from it is an excellent experience for me. I would recommend this to all aspirants who are interested and planning to join any Six Sigma workshop in future.

Pronojit Mitra, Medical Language Specialist, Nuance Transcription Service Ltd.

Training techniques, sound knowledge of the instuctor, course material and the topics explained by the instructor were few things in really liked. Attending the LSSGB session and gaining knowledge from it is an excellent experience for me. I would recommend this to all aspirants who are interested and planning to join any Six Sigma workshop in future.

Susanta Saha, Sr. Medical Language Specialist, Nuance Transcription Service Ltd.

Course material is very aptly simplified and the teaching pattern is excellent.Great faculty.

Prajakta Desai, Quality HSE Manager, Element Materials Technology

Thank you for the training. I found the material very informative and could relate to what I do everyday. The examples shared during the training helped in understanding the concept better.Post this training, I believe I will be able to perform tasks at higher level.
Only constructive feedback from my side would be to eliminate paper and go green from your next batch onward. Hopefully, when I come back for black-belt, it will be all online.

Pramod Kumar, Team Leader, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Nice to get knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma. Good course and learning curve from a good trainer. Thank you Benchmark.

Kundan Mukherjee, Global Director IT Services, Compunnel Software Group Inc.

Great workshop, excellent faculty! 4 days of amazing knowledge overload, in a very comprehensively mapped out plan. Good implementation of what is being taught right into how it is being taught.

Mayank Varshneya, Senior Associate, Publicis Sapient

Training was really good, descriptive. All the concepts were well explained by the trainer and I can easily use them and apply them which was a my aim to join the session.

Arjun Sharma, Lead Technical support consultant, Adobe Systems

I liked that the instructor provided practical examples. Benchmark Six Sigma is the best place to get Lean Six Sigma certification.

Kumaran, Senior Quality Analyst, iInterchange Systems

I like that the training was scheduled considering the schedules of working professionals.

Jeeva Ramprasad, Business Operations Manager, HP Inc

Good training to gain conceptual clarity and sample papers available on website were also helpful.

Mukul Kandpal, Asst Manager, TCS

The learning was facilitated in a user-friendly and enjoyable manner and the credit goes to our trainer. I enjoyed the session throughout and learned a lot during the interactions. Fun based learning. It was an exception experience.

Ruchika Sehgal, Business process lead, TCS

Innovative and effective group activity that was conducted for DOE. The training provided caters to both people from Service and Manufacturing industry. Also, the techniques used during the sessions we excellent and easy to understand. Training techniques are really good and easy to follow.

Amit Thakker, Quality Manager, Altisource

The trainer was very clear in explaining the concepts to the point providing adequate examples wherever required. A very good and thoughtful learning experience overall.

Anil Kumar S, Business Escalations Manager, HP Computing & Printing Systems India Pvt Ltd