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Lean Six Sigma in Support Services Industry

As per the industry classification benchmark, this industry sector includes the following subsectors –

  • Business Support Services – Providers of nonfinancial services to a wide range of industrial enterprises and governments. Includes providers of printing services, management consultants, office cleaning services, and companies that install service and monitor alarm and security systems.
  • Business Training & Employment Agencies – Providers of business or management training courses and employment services.
  • Financial Administration – Providers of computerized transaction processing, data communication and information services, including payroll, bill payment and employee benefit services.
  • Industrial Suppliers -Distributors and wholesalers of diversified products and equipment primarily used in the commercial and industrial sectors. Includes builder’s merchants.
  • Waste & Disposal Services – Providers of pollution control and environmental services for the management, recovery and disposal of solid and hazardous waste materials, such as landfills and recycling centers

Applications of Six Sigma in BPO – In a BPO, the following types of Six Sigma projects are commonly carried out. 

1. Reducing the number of errors for XYZ team to 0.5%

2. Reduction of FTEs by 30 by process reengineering in XYZ team

3. Transitioning support staff into billable slots after 3 months of stabilizing

4. Ensure that 90% of the jobs do not require reworking for XYZ team

5. Reduce sloppy errors to 1 per week day

6. Reduction of IRR across XYZ, ABC

7. Improvement of average productivity of XYZ

8. Improve skill index of production staff across the company

9. Achieve a utilization of 75% across production lines in XYZ

10. Achieve an overall internal quality target 98% for the client in ABC

11. Enhanced revenue generating opportunities by proper capacity management

12. Improve the updating process of the client’s database Achieve 80% capability among production staff to function at priority level

13. Increase through-put by removing unitization QC process Reducing the timeline of roll-out of new process

Examples of companies who have been implementing Six Sigma in BPO-

  • Among users in the Call Centers GENPACT, Wipro, Accenture,  EXL, Patni BPO have been benefitting by using Six Sigma in BPO sector. 
  • Among Banking BPO’s, ICICI OneSource, AMEX, BoA, HDFC have been benefiting from Six Sigma. WNS Global Services, Office Tiger, GE Capital are others who have benefited.

Benchmark Six Sigma has been conducting in-house training and has tie up’s with several leading BPO’s.

Video Description
Ananya Goplan during her Black Belt shares her BPO career journey and the role of Six Sigma in it.

  • Case Study DescriptionIn a large ITES company it was found that internal quality scores (which decided the incentives and career growth) were varying from client rating of performance (which decided the payments and retention of business) by more than 10%. This was considered undesirable as this indicated that voice of business was not matching the voice of customer. Also, certain associates who were performing well as per client assessment were getting poor internal scores. A Six Sigma Project utilizing techniques like box plots, hypothesis tests, control charts brought discrepancies down within 5%. The Six Sigma project resulted in significant business benefit for the organization. 

Feedback from participants

This course revolutionized my insight towards business process excellence.
-Servin Santosh Pais, A.M. Quality, SGT India Pvt. Ltd.

Training imparted by the facilitator was excellent, which enabled strong understanding of the course structure. Benchmark is the best place for pursuing Six Sigma green belt.
-Poonam Bhasin, Business Analyst, Tech Mahindra.

I really got to understand the fundamental applications of statistics and six sigma in real life problems.
-Nikhil K Joshi, Managing Partner, SNIC.

The Contents of the course is excellent with helpful Six sigma tools.
-Anish Mathew V., Supervisor, First American India.

The course was structured keeping all industry participants in mind, and the entire training period was fun. Looking forward to join for Black Belt program also!
-Babu Subramanya, Team Leader, First American India.

Methodological, structured and very professional training.
-Subrato Banerjee, AQ, R Systems International Ltd.

The course is really good. It gives an insight into how to approach challenges in a structured manner. Hopefully I will implement a few of them in my field of facility management.
-Vaidyanathan R., Assistant Manager – Quality Support System, ISS Facility Services.

BSS is the VISA to Six Sigma world.
-Anuradha Ramachandran, Credit Manager, Ingersoll Rand – Trane.

Think of six sigma course, just hop in to Benchmark. It has an outstanding way of explaining and conceptualizing the things to the core.
-Satyajit Bose, Manager- Quality, Planman Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Anyone can be a match winner if he/she chooses to learn six sigma at Benchmark Six sigma.
-M. Rasheed Ahamed, Senior Quality Specialist, RR Donnelley.

Overall content and way of subject delivery is excellent. The facilitator has immense knowledge about the subject.
-Girish Dhakad, TL, Gulf Electronic Management Systems.

I feel chiseled and confident enough to increase the revenue of my organization even during the economic downturn. Needless to say, credit goes to the man who downloaded even the most complex topics with the simplest of ways – VK. I want to write more about the trainer but for once words elude me!!
-Saurabh Sharma, Business Development Manager, Multiple Choice Management Consultants.

If you are keen on implementing significant changes in your organisation, I would strongly recommend you enroll for Benchmark Six Sigma Course. The training course is highly structured and focuses on enhancing your analytical and statistical skills.
-Neeraj Narayan, Continuous Process Improvement Manager, SGS India.

Six sigma was always an interesting topic for me. After perusing training from Benchmark Six Sigma, it has generated more interest and confidence in me.
-Saurabh Fine, Asst. Manager- Production, VL International.

I am confident to identify more projects & close them successfully after Benchmark Six Sigma Black Belt Training. Six Sigma projects shared during the training were of good quality
-Gurshit Singh, QA, llL.

The trainer created a friendly environment within the professional approach to ensure that participants capture optimum value.
-Pankaj Kalra, Manager, L.

The previous knowledge of six sigma that I had was all theory and post this training I can say that my concepts on various tools used and tests performed has completely transformed from all theory to practical. I can very confidently say that now I understand the logic behind these concepts. Thanks to the trainer for imparting this training so efficiently.
-Parul Gera, Deputy Manager- Quality, IBM Daksh.

I liked the daily activities, which included quizzes and other exercises.
– Bradley Imlay, Manager, BNKe Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

I will like to mention a few things which I liked about the training: 1) Statistical approach to aid decision making on every aspect of the process/business. 2) Design of the course material which is Less Theory and more Practical. 3) The scope of training is not limited to any specific set of people.
– Shekhar Suman, Deputy Manager, BNKe Solutions Pv. Ltd.

I have never attended a workshop like this at all; where you are drilled down to understand things that might not have even imagined.
– Maria Bernaden P., Sr. TMO, Allsec Technologies Limited.

The training delivered by Benchmark Six Sigma meets the very good.
– Itki Navin Chandra, Trainer, KNOAH Solutions.

“Training was covered in excellent manner, all topics were covered in a proper sequence. Relevant example shared, which I can link to my own process. I liked the complete course.”
– Amit Kishor Parekh, Team Lead, WNS.

Benchmark has injected all the required six-sigma skills to optimize the company resources in getting customer’s delight.
– Sanjeet Dubey, Sr. QA, L.