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Lean Six Sigma in Software Services Industry

As per the industry classification benchmark, this industry sector includes the following subsectors –

Computer Services – Companies that provide consulting services to other businesses relating to information technology. Includes providers of computer-system design, systems integration, network and systems operations, data management and storage, repair services and technical support.

Internet – Companies providing Internet-related services, such as Internet access providers and search engines and providers of Web site design, Web hosting, domain-name registration and e-mail services.

Software – Publishers and distributors of computer software for home or corporate use.

Application of Six Sigma in Software Development 

  • Reducing schedule slippages
  • Reducing number of bugs being detected in the field during usage of the product.
  • Reducing rework in requirements development process to incorporate customer expectations 
  • Reducing time and cost overruns in project planning phase due to inaccuracies in the estimation process
  •  Increasing defects detection early in the process so that costs are less compared to defect dtection later in the project. 
  •  Reducing or eliminating invoicing errors
  •  Reducing rework (All work done to fix an application after it has been delivered to a customer is rework. This includes corrections to features or functions that are incorrect, and also may include “missed requirements” – things the customer expected but did not receive.
  •  Reducing Customer complaints
  •  Reducing complaint resolution time
  •  Improving defect containment effectiveness (DCE)
  •  Reducing appraisal cost per defect by phase and appraisal type (by project and in total) Reducing effort variance normalized by size. 
  •  Improving the efficiency (conversions) in sales processes. 
  •  Improve the forecast accuracy 
  •  Control spending over time

Examples of companies who have been implementing Six Sigma in Software Development- 

  • Among users in the software development, Satyam, Wipro, Patni, Accenture, TCS, Cognizant are few of the names that have had good results of implementing six sigma in software development. 
  • Benchmark Six Sigma has had more than 600 participants (with development or testing background) in the eight cities in recent times participating and benefiting from Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt training including those from Infosys, Oracle, Wipro, IBM, SISL (Siemens Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.)

The key ideas from Six Sigma applicable to software development are –

1. We should develop process improvement methods to capture defects/bugs early in the development process as cost of fixing increases if they are found in later phase.

2. We should look for opportunities to make the requirements assessment, coding and testing to be first time right so that we can reduce the need for testing as much as possible.

3. Better data collection and analysis can help in scientific approaches for improvement in all areas be it software estimation, scope creep, delivered defects, or rework.

Video Description
Cdr Harish Varma explains the way he plans to utilize Lean Six Sigma techniques in a leading software company.

  • Case Study DescriptionIn software testing processes, test applications that are developed/ enhanced as per the business requirement, before they get released into the production environment. In a large software company, there was no accurate measurement metric in place for tracking utilization.

    There was also scope of process improvement and in turn increase in productivity. With a 10% increase in productivity in CML & CRS Testing, there is an estimated 6 FTE benefit, which translates to $110,400. 

    • Late receipt of Project Documentation / BRDs etc. Delay in resolving queries
    • More Number of queries raised in Query logs
    • Systems slow / Prolonged system access issue resolving
    • Inadequate clarity during prep phase
    • Delay due to Rework/Research during execution due to gaps in script review
    • Delay/rework due to scripting issues

    Using group brainstorming and solution evaluation methods, top solutions finalized were.

    • RAM upgrade on systems Project Milestone creation –
    • Planned dates/schedule.

    After implementing process controls, the results were –

    • Data given to testers for conditioning well before execution start date
    • No. of trackers were reduced.
    • Query reduction SLA for query resolution was put in place.
    • Reports initiated on query resolution.
    • $ 135,000 benefits

Feedback from participants

The design of the course which has been made in such a pattern that it is understandable by a lay man. The faculty and his way of teaching is awesome.
-Arijeet Roy, Circle Manager, Wipro.

Best course to change your way of thinking.
-Pinaki Deochake, Sr. Process Designer, Tech Mahindra.

This is one of the best programs as it is well designed content and delivery in a concise time frame.
-Sonya Grover, Manager, Wipro.

Benchmark Six Sigma has shown me the path and set a benchmark for myself to improve.
-Ashish Gopal Banerjee, Group Lead, Wipro.

Excellent workshop – good education & rewarding.
-Dr. Prasanna Y.A, Team Lead, Marlabs Software Pvt. Ltd.

The training is simply outstanding. It is an eye-opener for n-number of opportunities for improvement.
-Prasanta Kumar A., Sr. Software Engineer, Wipro.

The GB certification program is a very useful way to find the rate of defects and errors and come out with a solution which is supported by data and not just assumptions.
-Rajesh Kumar Singh, Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd.

The course made me change my outlook and approach about business process methodologies. It gave me clarity about how to reach my career goal.
-A Sarat Babu , Sr. Recruiter, Siemens.

Vishwadeep Khatri is excellent with his knowledge on Six Sigma.
-Manasi Pitre, Team Coach, Tata Consultancy Service

Amazing facilitator!! Makes you understand the complex numeric logic with appropriate (practical) examples. Once the 4 day session is over, the participant will be well equipped with the actual approach and understanding of Six Sigma. After attending the session my myth towards six sigma as only a Quality Tool is over, rather this is very much a part of curriculum for the senior management for any organization to deliver with better quality results.
-Partho Sarathi Kar, Sr. QA, Infosys.

A very good philosophy explained in a very good way, to improve your professional and personal life.
-Lubna Mojawala, Associate Geographic Technician, Navteq India.

The trainer presented the tools in a very effective way.
-Rajiv Sharma, Wipro.

Presentation and quality of course were the best. “Bridge the learning gap, Define the growth path”.
-Pavankumar Koutrapu, Geographic Technician, Navteq India.

The trainer is outstanding in Knowledge and presentation skills.
-Upendra Kumar, Associate Executive, Siemens

It has been a wonderful experience being a part of the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program.
-Praveen Jangira, HP.

You are one of the most professional training institute that I have taken a training at, and specifically your course is very structured and above par excellence.
-Harigopal NJ Dasa, BD Manager, IBM.

I liked the examples that were used throughout helped in easy understanding. This course is very good for those who are totally new to six sigma concept. I didn’t have any previous knowledge of six sigma but I could very well grasp what was being taught here. Very interactive and good course.
-Kaweri, Business Analyst, Infosys.

Very well designed and well delivered training program. Very interesting way of presentation with ample use of modern training aids. Writing down the key points, and actually building up the concepts step-by-step by writing while teaching, ensured to a very large extent that we were ‘with’ the faculty throughout the sessions, rather than drifting away, as happens in a mere slideshow presentation
-Swati Pai, Quality Consultant, Tech Mahindra.

The Organised Structure of training & Training materials was superb. It covered more than what I expected.
-S.Ganapathy, Subject Matter Expert, Tata Consultancy Services.

The delivery mechanism of the instructor includes very relevant examples with daily life that can be understood by anybody, keeping the environment light. Benchmark Six Sigma has one of the best instructors that I have come across.
-Pankaj Bhutani, Consultant- Infosys.

Trainer’s ability to address all queries, take up several discussions and still finish the course on time is amazing.
-Susmita Vavilala, Asst. Manager, HCL.

This program is best suited for a novice.
-Bhargavi P, Business Analyst, HP.

I would definitely like to attend more training programs like Black Belt from Benchmark Six Sigma.
-Roselin Leopold, Deputy Manager – corporate, IBM.

Trainer’s knowledge level and training contents were out of ordinary.
-Sangeetha Viswanathan Nair, Process Coordinator, Siemens.

The course was taught in a very simple manner with lots of examples
-Sarita Mohanty, Process Consultant, Tech Mahindra.

This program changed my approach and thinking process of human being to address the situation. It brought radical change in thinking to come up with “new ideas”
-Uma Maheswara Rao Pemma, Senior Consultant, Wipro.

The training was superb. The concepts and examples explained were helpful.
-Jatin Khanna, Functional Consultant, Logica.

Best institute for quality training
-Karthikeyan Sambandam, Support Engineer, HCL

This is an excellent training course for Black Belt and the prospective Black Belts.
-Girish, Team Lead, TCS.

The course was very interesting and well explained.
-Rebecca Claudius, Executive Assistant, HCL.

Excellent practical training which helps any person to perform Business improvement projects in shorter transition.
-R.Suresh, Process Manager, Ship Net Software Solutions.

I liked the lively nature of the instructor with jokes in between – this is very relaxing during the training and helps to think with free mind.
-Umesh Rao, Lead Consultant, Stratify Software Pvt. Ltd.

Benchmark has a got a comprehensive study material, good case studies, and a very experienced facilitator.
-Shahjahan H, Quality Manager, Wipro.

The logical structure of the course facilitates in better understanding on applying a particular technique for the given problems / tasks.
-Karthikeyan S, Solutions Architect, Take Solutions.

Valuable and needed training for multiple industries and professionals.
-Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Sr. Managing Consultant, IBM

I liked the presenter and his presentation skills, scenarios discussed and the method of explanation. It is a must-not-miss for both novice and experienced people. A great fun filled way to learn such a serious topic.
-Shahab Khan, Project Manager, Satyam

Benchmark Six Sigma is truly a benchmark when it comes to Six Sigma training. The length and breadth of the topics covered the knowledge and quality of instructors and most importantly their desire to make you understand Six Sigma rather than merely a certificate is simply mind-blowing!
-P. Vinay Bharadwaj, Operations Analyst, HP.

Join Benchmark to know the real values of six sigma.
-S.P.Parthiban., Senior Process Associate, TCS.