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Lean Six Sigma in HR/Training Industry

Human Resource Management is a field that relates to management of people.It broadly contains

1. Workforce planning

2. Recruitment

3. Induction, Orientation and Onboarding

4. Skills management

5. Training and development

6. Personnel administration

7. Compensation in wage or salary

8. Time management

9. Travel management (sometimes assigned to accounting rather than HRM

10.Payroll (sometimes assigned to accounting rather than HRM)

11.Employee benefits administration

12.Personnel cost planning

13.Performance appraisal

14.Labor relations

Human Resources Development (HRD) is a framework for the expansion of human capital within an organisation. Human Resources Development is a combination of Training and Education that ensures the continual improvement and growth of both the individual and the organisation. Human Resources Development is the medium that drives the process between training and learning. Human Resources Development is the structure that allows for individual development, potentially satisfying the organisation’s goals. The development of the individual will benefit both the individual and the organisation.

A large software company found that the percentage of employees who passing the re-verification tests was as low as 39%. The re-verification tests done by project managers were a second round of tests after an approval by the regular training team. An improvement project brought this up to 90%. This improved efficiency of new hires significantly.

Reducing the Learning curve is extremely important for meeting client set goals. In a company, associates were meeting client set goal for Cures/hr after 240 hours of on the job training. A Six Sigma project on reducing the learning curve for new hires helped boosting the overall process level performance.

A Six Sigma project was taken up for attrition reduction. Analysis showed that attrition is not related to education levels, previous industry, candidate being local or otherwise, past experience in years, gender, and marital status. Meanwhile attrition was found to have relation with incentive, source of recruitment, performance level, office tenure, and age. This led to policy changes and enhancement in retention levels.

Reducing revenue leakage in payroll processing – This project was able to bring down the errors in payroll processing at various stages.

Feedback from participants

Very informative and knowledge-able course that can influence the standards of a company.
– Uma Reddy, Hr., International

This is probably the best professional training course I have attended. Not only have I learned something new, it has also opened a new door of opportunity for me.
– Vivek G., Manager- Training, Hafele India Pvt. Ltd.

The training delivered by Benchmark Six Sigma meets the very good.
– Itki Navin Chandra, Trainer, KNOAH Solutions

VK is a very good instructor. He made us understand lot of things in such a short span of time and never made us bored. I enjoyed a lot.
– Ellora Das, HR Executive, Acreaty Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

The program is fantastic. It changes the outlook to systems. It helped to understand and bring about effective changes.
– Sunita Barua, Chief Hr. Admin, Covanta Bangladesh Operating Ltd.

I liked the course details of the training.The teaching method of the trainer was really good.
– Balaraju Anthony, HR Transactions, Accenture

The examples which were conducted and the extensive softcopy of courseware were two best things about the course.
– Mrugank P Karadkar, Training Lead – IOC India Operations, JP Morgan

The standard of training was high and the level of interaction made it easy to learn six sigma.
– Kamalasanan Pushpak, Trainer, HSBC