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Lean Six Sigma in General Industrials Services

As per the industry classification benchmark, this industry sector includes the following subsectors –

Containers & Packaging – Makers and distributors of cardboard, bags, boxes, cans, drums, bottles and jars and glass used for packaging.

Diversified Industrials – Industrial companies engaged in three or more classes of business within the Industrial industry that differ substantially from each other.

A can manufacturing company found that reduction in lacquer usage could potentially save large sums of money. Lacquer is used in cans to maintain taste of food products and to prevent corrosion. It was found that beer cans had the highest occurrence of over lacquering. The list of input variables that influences over-lacquering was found to be nozzle type, spray pressure, spray time, lacquer viscosity, and operator shift.

The measurement system was analyzed and fixed for errors. Baseline statistics were calculated. Various hypotheses were tested and it was decided that instead of OFAT experimentation, it made sense to carry out designed experiments. The results of DOE were very good. New combinations of input variables were identified and put in place. Control charts were used to provide timely signals so as to ensure that the improved performance was sustained.

Feedback from participants

The training is excellent. I was very much pleased and appreciate the way Benchmark Six Sigma is helping many senior level officials to achieve their goals.
– Mayur Pilla, Production Manager, M.T. Khoory Group of Companies.

The Benchmark Six Sigma Black Belt training and certification program is comprehensive and well presented with lucid lectures, various relevant examples, focus groups for different industries and a detailed treatment of statistical methods which makes for a valuable learning experience.
– Rajesh Sampathkumar, Asst. Manager – Engineering Consultant, Larsen & Toubro.

We can actually see the improved output in any process after applying the learning of this course.
– Baskaran T.K., Production Executive, Star Boxes India Pvt. Ltd.

An excellent program geared to meet the needs of aspirant Six Sigma professionals in any industry, with a focus on problem solving, using the latest tools and techniques. The course was taught by a highly qualified instructor in an engaging style.
– Rajesh Sampathkumar, Assistant Manager, Larsen and Toubro.