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Six Sigma in a Hospital – Dr. Rohan Monis

Doctor Rohan Monis says five days of workshop were awesome. He feels it alleviated the professionals to the level where they can understand what is useful what is not, what is a waste, what is not. He got sensitized to various modes, applicability of six sigma into daily life processes, into the treatment plans for the patients, into the training processes. The processes in their functional unit would be enhanced by leaps with the application of Six Sigma. He feels that this kind of workshop accentuates the thinking process and enhances positive attitude.

He feels that this is a workshop which should be attended by all the healthcare professionals. He feels that every clinician has an administrator in him. So that he can help his patients better. Six Sigma workshop has given him a new direction of looking at cost in terms of cost of quality, cost of satisfaction. He feels that there is only one input to all the healthcare processes and that is a patient’s well-being. The outcome has to be the satisfaction of patients which all the healthcare professionals should be keen on. SIPOC, PROJECT CHARTER, FMEA are some of the tools which he felt were very relevant to use in the healthcare set up.